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No purchase is necessary to receive a gift from General RV Center, Inc (“GRV”) as part of any of GRV’s giveaways. Purchasing something from GRV will not impact whether you can receive a gift, or what gift you will receive. GRV cannot provide you with any tax or other financial advice pertaining to giveaways. You may be required to pay taxes because of your receipt of any item. The acceptance of a gift may require you to pay federal, state, local, or other taxes. Unless specifically noted by GRV for a particular giveaway, you do not have to do anything to get a gift from us other than go online and select it. GRV will ship the gift to you and cover all shipping and handling costs. GRV may or may not keep track of whether you actually receive the gift, and GRV is not obligated to provide you with any notice of when or how you will receive the gift.

Each giveaway will have a limitation on the amount or value of gifts anyone can receive. People will not be able to get gifts that exceed the number of allowable gifts per person or the value of the gift they can receive during each giveaway.

Every giveaway will have an opening date and scheduled termination date. Those will be controlled by the dates for the giveaway. As such, you will have a limited amount of time to participate in the giveaway, get your gift, or go online and select your gift once you are advised that you are eligible for one, depending on the specific giveaway’s rules.

GRV may obtain some of the gifts that it gives away from others. To the extent that GRV does, and you receive one of those gifts, everything in this disclaimer applies to whoever General RV obtains a gift from before it is provided to anyone. Your ability to get a gift is non-transferable. In addition, you are not eligible to obtain the cash equivalent of any gift or any substitution of a gift once you select one or are advised of what you are eligible to get.

GRV provides no warranties, on or about, any giveaway or any gift provided, express or implied. All gifts are provided “AS IS,” and the giveaways are done “AS IS.” GRV disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on any gift and all giveaways. No portion of any giveaway, any promotion of it, or this disclaimer is a warranty or a contract, and nothing that GRV, or any of its employees, agents, or affiliates does creates a warranty or contract, express or implied. In addition, nothing that GRV, or any of its employees, agents, or affiliates does, or says, can alter the terms of this Disclaimer or any giveaway in any fashion. As a result, you release GRV, and all its owners, affiliates, employees, and agents from all claims of any kind, other than a claim for breach of an express obligation of GRV as noted in this disclaimer.

GRV is not responsible if any giveaway stops at any time or if any of the gifts are not available. GRV reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend any giveaway, for any reason, at any time. Automated systems, or any other inappropriate means of attempting to get a gift disqualifies anyone from being eligible to receive a gift. GRV has the right to maintain the integrity of any giveaway and to stop anyone from trying to get gifts if they use any inappropriate means to participate in a giveaway or to get a gift, such as a robotic, mechanical, or other forms of pre-programmed internet, email, texting, phone call, voting, or participation method. If a person attempting to get a gift is disqualified from the giveaway for any reason GRV

is not obligated to notify them of the disqualification or forfeiture. GRV has the right to maintain the integrity of all giveaways, and to void any inappropriate participation in giveaways, including, too many entries from the same user; too many entries from the same email address, Disclaimer violations, the use of bots, macros, scripts, or other technical means for participating, or attempts by any entrant to damage any website or undermine the giveaway. If you violate any of the rules of any giveaway, this Disclaimer, or anything else on GRV’s website related to a gift giveaway you will be disqualified, at GRV’s sole discretion from the ability to obtain any gift, and all privileges related to the giveaway will be immediately terminated.

By choosing and accepting a gift or participating in a giveaway you agree to indemnify, hold harmless, defend, and release GRV, and anyone involved or affiliated with GRV, and their respective agents, employees, officials, officers, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns from and against all claims, lawsuits, injuries, or damages arising out of, or relating in any way to you getting a gift or participating in a giveaway, including the use, misuse, or selection of the gift, and including any claim based on defamation, publicity rights, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or any other intellectual property related claims or cause of action.

You participating in a giveaway or selecting a gift constitutes your agreement to release and hold harmless GRV and its subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, partners, advertising and promotion agencies, successors, agents, assigns, directors, employees, and officers against and from any claims, liability, illness, injury, death, litigation, loss, or damages that may occur, directly or indirectly from participation in the giveaway, your acceptance of a gift; possessing, using, or misusing of any gift; any technical failure; the unavailability or inaccessibility of any transmissions, phone, computer, or Internet service; unauthorized intervention in any part of the gift process; or electronic error or human error in the promotion, administration, or processing of the gifts.

Any information you submit is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on General RV’s website. Click here to read the Privacy Policy. However, GRV reserves the right to gather your private information to administer any giveaway and to analyze it and data related to it for any purpose related to its business, including sales, service, marketing, advertising, RVing, camping, promotion, or others. By participating in the giveaway, you consent to, and authorize General RV to, contact you at any email address, phone number, or other contact information you provide to GRV. However, GRV will not utilize autodial, pre-recorded, or artificial voice telemarketing and sales calls, text messages, or emails to contact you based on your participation in a giveaway. All information provided by you as part of any giveaway may be used by GRV for any purpose. It is also subject to disclosure under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Court Order, or other rule of law.

Unless specifically noted by GRV, none of its giveaways are sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, any Social Media outlet. Any use of a Social Media platform to promote this contest does not signify their sponsorship, approval, or involvement in this Contest in anyway. The sole Sponsor of any giveaway is General RV.

All giveaways are governed by the laws of the state of Michigan, without regard to conflict of law rules or doctrines. You agree, as a condition of participating in any giveaway that if any dispute arises out of your participation, the giveaway, or anything related to the giveaway, or if a cause of action relates to a giveaway, it will be individually resolved before a court having jurisdiction over Oakland County, Michigan, without resorting to any form of class action. By participating in any giveaway, you agree that Michigan has sole and exclusive jurisdiction over you and the giveaway to resolve any disputes related to it. In addition, under no circumstances will you be permitted to obtain an award for, and you waive all rights to, punitive, exemplary, incidental, and consequential damages, including litigation costs and attorney’s fees. As such, your only remedy is your actual, reasonable, out-of-pocket expenses, i.e., costs associated with any giveaway. You waive all rights to any other damages or to have damages multiplied or increased.

This constitutes the sole Disclaimer and legal agreement related to giveaways. Other rules specific to a giveaway may apply, but this Disclaimer supersedes anything else related to any giveaway, other agreements, understandings, or negotiations between you and GRV with respect to any give away.

By participating in a giveaway or accepting a gift, you grant permission for GRV to use your name, photograph, likeness, information, character, and voice in any advertising or broadcasting material related to any giveaway or to GRV’s business, without any financial or other compensation to you. GRV may report your name and gift information for purposes of trade without further compensation unless prohibited by law. You waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. By participating in any giveaway or selecting a gift you agree that GRV may use your information for marketing purposes and may include your name in a publicly available winner(s) list. Gifts must be redeemed during the applicable giveaway and in accordance with the dates for each giveaway. GRV is not responsible to you for any failure to supply the gift or any part thereof by reason of any action, regulation, order or request by any governmental or quasi- governmental entity, equipment failure, threatened terrorist acts, terrorist acts, air raid, blackout, act of public enemy, earthquake, volcanic eruption, war (declared or undeclared), fire, flood, epidemic, pandemic, weather, hurricane, acts of God, embargo, labor dispute or strike, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow-down, civil disturbance, insurrection, riot, or any other cause beyond GRV’s control, including the gift not being supplied to GRV or GRV not being able to get a gift. This includes the gift not being supplied to GRV or GRV not being able to get the gift in accordance with the time parameters of any give away. Any costs or expenses related to gift acceptance other than the gift itself, and shipping, are your sole responsibility.

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