15 Fall RV activities for families and couples

Don’t put your RV into storage yet! There are plenty of fall RV activities the whole family can enjoy right now. Whether you’re camping with kids or planning a romantic getaway just for two, take a few more trips in your RV and make some memories during this magical time of year. Check out our favorite fall RV activities and get ready to have some fun.

Fall RV activities: camping with family

Family-friendly fall RV activities

Go camping at the area’s top campgrounds

Fall really is the best time to go camping. Take this opportunity to stay at campgrounds that are normally packed during the summer. Enjoy fewer crowds and pick a prime spot. Plus, those cooler nights are perfect for sleeping with the windows open. Pack some extra blankets or flannel sheets so everyone can sleep comfortably. Or turn on your RV heater if needed.

Play in the great outdoors

Whether your family bikes, hikes, or walks, there are lots of opportunities to get moving and explore miles of trails. Just load your gear in your RV and head out while you can. This is also a great time of year to try geocaching. With so many leaves on the ground, finding those hidden treasures can be more interesting and challenging.

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Install RV insect screens and keep your rig bug-free

In this post, we’ll show you how to install RV insect screens over refrigerator, furnace, and water heater vents. You can also check out our How-To video on our YouTube channel.


We all enjoy the great outdoors, but there are some parts of it that we would rather keep outside. Mosquitos, wasps, and other pests are unwelcome guests in any RV. Besides being a nuisance, some can build nests in vents that interfere with airflow, causing serious damage to appliances. You can easily install RV insect screens to prevent bugs from crashing your next camping trip.

Before you head to the parts store, look at the shape of your RV’s vents and measure the size of each. Camco makes multiple sizes and styles of insect screens, but if you know your vent dimensions it should be easy to find the correct parts for your RV. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Install RV Insect Screen on RV Refrigerator Vent

How to install RV insect screens for refrigerator vents

The refrigerator vent insect screen kit includes a set of long, flat screens and plastic zip ties for securing the screens to the vent cover.
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Tasty Pie Iron Breakfast Recipes

Pie iron, camp cooker, or sandwich maker. Pudgie, toastie, or jaffle. Whatever you call it, these handy devices make delicious meals over a camp fire in minutes. Just pack it with your favorite sweet or savory fillings and toast to perfection.

Because these cooking tools are made of cast iron, they are very durable and easy to use. In fact, with a little maintenance and regular seasoning, cast iron will last for decades. They also have extra-long handles with wooden grips so you can stay a safe distance from the fire while cooking.

Pie irons in various shapes and sizes

Pie irons are available in multiple styles: Round, Square, Double Square, and more.

RVers know there’s no better way to start (or end) your day than with a piping hot meal, fresh off the campfire. And a pudgie pie is the perfect way to take the chill out of those foggy autumn mornings.

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More Pie Iron Recipes for Lunch & Dinner

You’ve probably made your fair share of meals over a campfire, but some recipes are destined to become instant crowd-pleasers – and we’re here to help you find them! Our favorite tool for campfire cooking is the pie iron. Just like your best friend, these versatile cast iron pieces are dependable and always ready for a good time.

We’ve been searching for mouth-watering meals to add to our camp menu and rounded up these amazing lunch and dinner options (check out our breakfast ideas). So grab a snack, because these will make you hungry, and start reading. We guarantee these recipes will have everyone coming back for seconds.

Pie Iron Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Tater Tot, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese

It’s amazing how only three ingredients come together for something that’s so satisfying. This simple recipe (crispy, salty, and tangy!) from Pudgie Revolution will become a favorite on your menu.


  • Frozen tater tots, thawed
  • Prosciutto, sliced
  • Blue cheese crumbles

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