10 Of The Best Class B RVs & What’s Important To Know Before You Buy One

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A man, woman and dog prepare for snowy outdoor activities. The man is sitting inside the rear of the Class B RV as he puts on his shoes while the woman holds onto skis.
A Class B RV is a perfect option for enjoying more of the outdoors.

Buying any RV is a big decision, and if you’re considering a motorhome like a Class B van there are plenty of options. Our Class B RV buying guide covers more than 15 of the most important questions and answers you should know before buying a new or used camper van. You’ll also find our top 10 picks for the best Class B RVs. Definitely check these out if you’re shopping!

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What is a Class B motorhome?

Let’s start with the basics. A Class B motorhome, also called a camper van or B van, is the smallest of the three main types of motorhomes. These compact RVs provide a comfortable travel experience without the intimidating size of a larger motor coach. Many camper vans are small enough to fit in a garage, standard parking space and even the tightest of camping sites.

As the name suggests, a camper van is built on an automotive van chassis. This platform provides easy driving and parking, mile after mile. You’ll also find the cockpit of a camper van feels much like handling a passenger vehicle. Additionally, camper vans get much better gas mileage than larger RVs, making it a great option for both recreational travel and daily driving.

One of the most underrated features of the camper van is the raised roof, which provides enough space for standing – making this mini motorhome feel like a tiny house on wheels. But don’t be fooled by their size, camper vans pack tons of amenities in a compact footprint. Since it is a small RV, lots of camper vans have multi-use spaces for comfortable camping. Couches can turn into beds. Removable swivel tables provide space to work or dine. Hidden storage spaces and other amenities make camping or travel a breeze.

What’s the difference between a Class B, Class B+ and Class C RV?

If you’ve been Googling Class B motorhomes or checking out motorhome dealers, you might have come across the term Class B+ RV. Class B+ RVs are built on the same chassis but with a larger body than standard Class B motorhomes. As a result, they have more square footage inside for living space and storage. Typical B+ RVs measure up to 28 feet in length, which is similar in length to a Class C motorhome.

The main difference between a Class B and Class C RV is the cab-over design. Class C RVs are built by taking a van or truck chassis and cutting away the cab to add the RV body. This design gives them their distinct profile with the additional compartment over the driver and co-pilot seats. This area usually serves as a bunk bed or overhead storage. Camper vans do not have the extra cab-over area.

How big are Class B RVs?

Most Class B RVs are right around 20 feet long and approximately 7 feet wide. You’ll find a few that are shorter (for example, the Winnebago Solis Pocket measures 18 feet) and a few that are longer (like the 22-foot long Coachmen Beyond). For comparison purposes, the dimensions of a standard parking space in the United States are 8.5 to 9 feet wide and 18 feet long.

Can I tow with a Class B motorhome?

Camper vans have less towing capacity than larger RVs, but you can tow a small vehicle or trailer with certain Class B motorhomes. Camper vans with towing capacity tend to be diesel powered. The diesel engine makes these RVs more fuel efficient and more capable in challenging terrain or higher altitudes. But diesel engines are also more expensive and require more upkeep so think about how you’ll use your motorhome when deciding if a diesel or gas engine fits your needs best.

A white Class B motorhome travels along a highway surrounded by desert vegetation and distant mountains in the western United States.
Class B motorhomes are easy to drive on the road and in the wild.

How do Class B RVs drive?

Class B RVs are easy to drive. The driver’s seat, dashboard and gearshift will feel very familiar when you sit behind the wheel of a Class B RV. Because Class B motorhomes are built on a van chassis, they are comparable to driving a regular passenger vehicle.

If you’re new to RVing or intimidated by the size of a larger Class C or Class A motorhome, a Class B RV may be a good option for you. Class B RVs are even easier to drive than Class C motorhomes since they are shorter in length and have a lower center of gravity for improved stability.

How safe are Class B RVs?

According to Consumer Reports, Class B RVs are the safest type of motorhome. This is thanks to the vehicle’s chassis which has to be crash tested per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rules. All Class B RVs also have front airbags (and sometimes side airbags) as well as seat belts installed at the factory.

Additionally, new Class B RVs have built-in safety technology that you’re probably used to in your everyday vehicle. Some common features include: backup and side cameras, automatic wipers and headlamps, lane keeping assist, hill start assist, electronic stability control and more. The exact safety features will vary depending on the manufacturer or brand, and they are an important factor to consider if you plan to buy a Class B RV.

Who makes Class B motorhomes and where can I buy a camper van?

RV manufacturers like Coachmen RV, Entegra Coach, Thor Motor Coach, Tiffin Motorhomes and Winnebago offer many Class B motorhome options. Nexus RV and Thor Motor Coach are a couple manufacturers of Class B+ RVs.

Most RV dealerships will carry at least a few different types of Class B motorhomes. General RV dealers carry nearly 30 brands of camper vans from many popular manufacturers. You can also check out websites like RVTrader.com to look for B vans. Private sellers are also an option if you’re searching for a used RV.

How do you convert a van into a camper van? Should I convert my van?

While some people choose to purchase their camper van from a dealership or private seller, others take the DIY route. Van life enthusiasts and modern day nomads have converted mini-vans, sprinter vans, conversion vans, school busses and more. These converted vehicles serve as a mobile basecamp for epic outdoor adventures or a home on wheels for full-time travelers.

Most of the time, a conversion involves tearing out everything inside the van and then rebuilding it to suit your needs. This process might involve carpentry, electrical or plumbing work. If you have the time and skills to build your own camper van or renovate an older vehicle, it can be a fun challenge. However, if you don’t have any handyman knowledge and little home renovation experience (not to mention tools), this will be a big project that requires quite a bit of time and effort. Be realistic about your goals and prepare yourself for some surprises. One advantage of doing a conversion is that you can completely customize the interior of your van – from the floorplan to the finishes. However, conversion projects take time so if you want to start traveling right away, buying a new or pre-owned camper van is probably a better option.

A woman plays with a ball near a dark green camper van parked in a wooded forest campsite.
Photo by hilary bird on Unsplash

Camper vans are popular for lots of reasons! First, their familiar cockpit and shorter length make maneuvering easy, even for new RVers. Their compact size also means these RVs can go where larger RVs can’t. This gives camper van owners many more options when searching for a place to set up camp.

Setting up a camper van campsite is simple, too. New Class B RVs are equipped with the latest technology to help you save time. Many have all-in-one control panels so after you’ve reached your campsite, you can just park, press and camp. It’s also just as easy to pack up and go to your next destination when you’re ready to move on.

Despite their small stature, camper vans are equipped for journeying and offer plenty of amenities. RV manufacturers build these vehicles using efficient designs to maximize every inch of space inside the motorhome. You’ll find convertible beds, galley kitchens, wet baths, and gear storage or gear racks on most Class B RVs.

Another reason these RVs are so popular is because of their features like 4-wheel drive and remote power options. You aren’t limited to campgrounds in a Class B RV. You can venture off the beaten path in your camper van; we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.

Technology has also come a long way for RVers who prefer camper vans! Amenities like Starlink internet service, cellphone signal boosters, mobile hotspots and more allow you to camp while staying connected or even work from the road. Whatever your camping plans are, you’ll find upgrades and features that can accommodate your needs.

It’s also easy to store your camper van when you’re not on the road. With their low profile design, Class B motorhomes can meet the standards of strict neighborhood associations or fit in your garage. This eliminates the need for and expense of off-site RV storage.

A man and woman hold hands as they walk towards the water on a beach where their Class B RV is parked.
You don’t have to live in your van full-time to enjoy van life. Many owners use their Class B RVs for shorter getaways.

Who are Class B RV owners (or van-lifers)?

Van life appeals to many people from all walks of life! Camper vans are a favorite choice for solo travelers and couples. But some families choose Class B RVs, and you can find a few floorplans that have two beds or a pop-top roof with an elevated bunk to sleep up to four.

Most camper van owners are active RVers. This means they don’t spend all their time inside their RV when traveling. Instead, they are often outside exploring or participating in outdoor recreation. They are always dreaming about new adventures or mapping their next journey. Since camper vans are easy to set up and pack up, these RVs are perfect if “wanderlust” is tattooed on your wrist. You won’t feel tied down to one campsite or limited during your travels because camper vans give you more freedom to be outdoors and explore multiple points of interest.

What’s van life really like?

Van life isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s definitely exploded in popularity in the past few years, so you’ve probably seen at least a few videos or photos about it on social media platforms. If you’re wondering whether or not van life is really as glamorous as some make it sound, you’re not alone. The truth is this: Van life is some of what you see on Instagram and a lot more of what you don’t see.

The biggest reason anyone chooses van life is the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere you want, whenever you want. As mentioned earlier, camper vans have all the necessities included so you can enjoy traveling more comfortably. They also are simple to drive and equally easy to park in the city or at a campground.

Of course, it’s not like a full time vacation all the time. There are some practical problems that come with a smaller RV. Like the fact that you don’t have a ton of space, so you have to be choosy about what you pack in your van. You’ll also need to empty your black and gray tanks more frequently since they’re designed with a smaller capacity. It can also be hard to live in a camper van for longer periods of time, especially if you’re used to roomier surroundings. Plus, you’ll need to get used to sharing your limited space if traveling with others.

Class B RVs also require regular upkeep, just like other motorhomes. You’ll need to make time for oil changes and preventative maintenance tasks. These tasks might be simple if you have a permanent home or more complicated if your camper van is your primary dwelling.

All that said, if you love exploring new places or traveling often, a Class B RV can be a great option for you!

Where can you go camping in a Class B motorhome?

There are endless options available when it comes time to park your Class B RV. These motorhomes will fit into the smallest sites at public or private campgrounds. State and national parks also allow Class B RVs. Just keep in mind that you might need to make a reservation months in advance at the most popular campgrounds.

Since campgrounds have become very crowded in recent years, some Class B owners choose to go off the grid. You can dry camp – camping without water or electrical hookups – at primitive campsites or Bureau of Land Management areas.

If cityscapes are more your style, you can stealth camp in your Class B RV. Stealth camping is discreet camping done in public areas like parking lots or behind businesses. Some cities discourage stealth camping though, so do some research and planning before you choose this option.

How much does a Class B motorhome cost?

Class B motorhomes can range in price from under $70,000 to more than $150,000. Camper van prices, just like all other RVs, vary widely for a few reasons. Condition is one factor. New Class B RVs tend to cost more than used camper vans. Likewise, mileage affects the value of the vehicle. If you choose a Class B RV with more amenities and optional upgrades, that will also increase the price.

If you’re thinking about RV financing and budgeting, you should take into consideration the cost of your Class B motorhome purchase plus the maintenance expenses. Think about how often you’ll need routine RV services, like oil changes and tire rotations for your van; the RV owner’s manual will have recommendations from the manufacturer. Don’t forget about the cost of RV insurance, fuel and other supplies for your adventures when budgeting, too.

Looking for the best Class B RV? Here are 10 of our picks.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing your camper van. We’ve picked these 10, ordered from smallest to largest, because each option offers ease and flexibility of driving. Plus, these RVs have lots of amenities to make your journeys more comfortable.

Thor Motor Coach Scope 18M Class B RV

A Thor Scope camper van is parked on a rocky site near water and mature trees.
The wet bath of the Thor Sequence camper van has a fold down sink, handheld showerhead, mirrored medicine cabinet and shower curtain.

Whether you’re camping alone or traveling with friends, you’ll love the versatility of your Scope camper van. This Class B RV option from Thor Motor Coach has two floorplan options measuring in just under 18 feet. The location and layout of the wet bath is what differentiates these two models. In the 18M floorplan, the wet bath is located at the rear of the coach. This B van also has an exterior shower hose so you can rinse off muddy gear or dogs after every adventure. No matter your hobbies – hiking, snowboarding, or kayaking – you’ll also appreciate the-easy-to-clean residential vinyl flooring and modern interior finishes.

Thor includes a 190-watt solar panel and 1,000-watt inverter standard in the Scope so you won’t be limited to parking at campgrounds. Additionally, an Onan QG 2800 gas generator provides backup power for extended stays off the grid. The Rapid Camp+ control panel lets you easily control the lights and climate in your coach. You can also stay connected while you roam with the all-in-one Winegard ConnecT 2.0. It serves as your WiFi extender, 4G hotspot, and TV antenna so you can stream a movie, chat with friends or work remotely.

One of the advantages of the Scope camper van is that you can break it out for the weekend or take it for longer journeying. Each versatile floor plan features a removable table with bench-style seating that converts into a bed for day-to-night living. You can learn more about the Thor Scope at a General RV dealer near you.

Entegra Coach Ethos Li Class B RV

The interior lounge area of the Ethos Li Class B RV has four seats.
The rear doors of the Ethos camper van motorhome open to show the interior of the RV from rear to front. A convertible bench and galley kitchen are located towards the back of the coach.

If you’re looking for a camper van with more luxuries than most, check out the Ethos Li. Entegra’s first Class B motorhome combines the nimble ride and handling of a van with the most important comforts and conveniences of a larger coach. Beautifully appointed, the cockpit features a 10.25 inch sophisticated MBUX infotainment center. Other modern amenities include a smartphone tray with wireless charging.

Want to take your adventure off road without sacrificing your comfort? The Ethos Li is off-grid capable thanks to its 48 volt lithium power system and 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels. Is a hot shower a must-have wherever you travel? This camper van’s hydronic heating can be run off the electricity from the solar panels, meaning hot showers are possible on your next adventure off the beaten path.

The Ethos Li also has premium features. The BOSS dual-zone radio with Bluetooth and 32-inch TV provide entertainment. A convenient microwave makes heating meals and snacks easy. You’ll also have greater privacy thanks to rear magnetic privacy shades and a removable privacy shade for the sliding door window.

Last but not least, we have to mention the exclusive E-Z Drive package. It includes Hellwig helper springs and a heavy-duty suspension for a smoother ride on all terrain. With all kinds of helpful technology, advanced power options, a built-in water filtration system and more, the Ethos Li is a well-equipped B van for those who want to travel in ultimate comfort. Check it out in person at General RV.

Winnebago Solis 59PX Camper Van

A couple relax in the roof top bunk bed of a Winnebago Solis camper van parked in a forest campsite.
The rear doors of a Winnebago Solis Class B RV are opened and show the RV packed with two bikes and additional outdoor gear.

Beachside or slope-side, the Winnebago Solis 59PX is one of the most versatile camper vans we’ve seen. This B van is built on the fuel-efficient Ram ProMaster chassis. So you’ll get about 18-20 mpg. The Solis features all-season insulation and plumbing, too, which makes it perfect for traveling almost anywhere.

Better yet, this is a Class B RV that can seat and sleep four comfortably for traveling with the whole family! In addition to the cross-coach sleeping below, the optional fiberglass pop-top bunk with FROLI sleep system lets you sleep closer to the stars. Three zip-up windows provide plenty of ventilation when you want it. Open them up to enjoy the panoramic views and sounds of nature. Zip them up when the weather gets chilly. The Solis doesn’t skimp on cargo space either. Because this camper van is built on an extended chassis measuring 21 feet long, you have more room for bikes, kayaks and other outdoor gear.

Winnebago included plenty of cab conveniences so even novice RVers will feel comfortable behind the wheel. You’ll get a rearview monitoring system, steering wheel controls and USB ports to plug in your devices. Power mirrors with defrost and turn signals as well as forward collision warning and an automatic emergency braking system are some of the safety features of the Solis. With its galley kitchen and convenient wet bath, this B van would be equally capable on the campground or shuttling to soccer practice. All this makes it a great choice for active families. Get a closer look at the Solis at General RV.

Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20A-P Class B RV

A woman wearing an outdoor pack and hiking apparel stands near a Thor Sequence camper van.
Interior of the Thor Sequence Class B RV showing the galley kitchen and lounge seating area.

If you need sleeping space for up to four plus extra room to haul your gear, the Thor Sequence camper van is totally equipped to meet your needs. This camper van is available with an optional pop-top SkyBunk which provides an extra bed. With a Thule roof rack, bike rack and roof ladder, this Class B RV provides generous cargo space for any outdoor adventure. Load up your bike rack with two adult-sized bicycles and hit the trails. The bike rack folds up quickly when not in use. The roof ladder easily extends for rooftop access to load and unload other gear. The ladder also features a magnetic base for your safety.

You’ll feel comfortable behind the wheel thanks to many modern cab conveniences in this camper van. The Sequence features a premium 7-inch touchscreen dash radio that doubles as your backup monitor, so you can keep an eye on anything behind you when backing up and towing. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, staying connected to favorite apps, music and podcasts is easy. Voice command allows for hands-free calls and texts, so you can keep driving safely. All you have to do is connect your phone via USB or Bluetooth. Volume controls are also located on the steering wheel for added safety.

Like the Scope mentioned earlier, the Sequence features Thor’s Rapid Camp+ multiplex system that puts you in control. This all-in-one control center allows owners to quickly set up camp from either inside their motorhome or from an app on their phone or tablet. You can control your RV’s water functions, AC, lighting, tank heaters, vents, generator and more with just a tap. Imagine that you’re snuggled up in bed and you realize you left the light on in the cockpit. No need to get up – just open the app and turn it off. Visit General RV to learn more and see how far you can go in a Thor Sequence.

Coachmen Galleria 24A 4×4 Class B RV

Exterior of the Coachmen Galleria camper van Class B motorhome
The interior of the Coachmen Galleria Class B RV has a bed with storage space below; this RV has fishing gear, a cooler, life jacket, camp chairs and more stored.

If you’re looking for a 4×4 Class B RV, Coachmen’s Galleria might be the one for you. This camper van is built on a 3500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform and features one of the cleanest-running turbo-diesel engines in the industry. It delivers 325 foot pounds of torque while providing excellent fuel economy so you can travel with confidence on any road.

In addition to Mercedes’ industry leading chassis warranty and top-of-the-line safety features, you’ll get towing power with this Class B motorhome. The Galleria has a 5,000 lb.-tow hitch with 7-pin wiring connector so you can tow a trailer with more gear or a smaller vehicle.

The Galleria also features high-end components and materials throughout like Amish-crafted cabinetry, smart TVs and custom trim accents. The overhead cabinets, drawers and pantry provide ample storage for all your essentials. You also have 26 cubic feet of storage under the bed in the 24A floorplan. This is the perfect spot to stash bulky clothes or pet gear if you’re traveling with a furry companion.

You’ll have multiple options when it comes to powering your Galleria including an Onan LP quiet generator. Three 110-watt solar panels come standard on this motorhome, along with a 330-amp hour AGM battery and 2,000-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The solar panels plus inverter will power the microwave and all outlets. For roaming off-the-grid, consider the optional Li3 Lithium Battery package.

While we’ve highlighted the 24A for its impressive storage and power amenities, four-wheel drive options are available on all Galleria floorplans. Find the best Galleria Class B RV for you at General RV.

Thor Motor Coach Twist 2LB Class B RV

Take the 2024 Thor Twist for a spin and watch the fun unfold. This Class B motorhome is the ideal companion for all your trips, packed with handy features. Its compact size offers the flexibility to park in almost any location, freeing you from the hassle of searching for a “big enough” spot. With this camper van, you and your loved ones can reach any destination with ease.

The Thor Twist differs from other models in that the bath is located all the way to the rear so you have more living space up front. The kitchen is just behind the cockpit swivel chairs, with a single door refrigerator, two-burner cooktop and stainless steel sink. Towards the back are two twin beds that serve as seating areas during the day, and at night they can be converted to a king bed. There’s a removable dining table to enjoy all your meals. The fully enclosed rear wet bath features a shower and power vent. There’s also an outdoor shower to keep things extra clean.

Entegra Coach Launch Class B Motorhome

An exterior shot of the Entegra Launch camper van shows it's awning extended and the side door screen.
Interior of the Entegra Launch Class B motorhome.

Of all the Class B RV options on this list, the Launch might be the most luxurious. Built by Entegra Coach, a company known for high-end motorhomes, the Launch is designed to impress. It features sleek style, premium components and rugged off-road capabilities. Plus, Entegra’s warranty will give you extra peace of mind for adventure after adventure.

Step in side and you’ll be instantly impressed by this Class B RV’s stunning interior. From the durable rubber flooring to the soft-touch vinyl ceiling, every inch has been designed for comfortable life on the road. A hydronic heating system, Technoform European-style cabinetry and BOSS dual-zone radio with Bluetooth are just the start of this luxury camper van’s amenities. The Launch also has plenty of room for you and your gear. Raise the powered bunk (rated at 750 pounds) to reveal the rear garage with L-track mounts for securing your cargo.

This RV is also very capable of taking you to more remote adventures. The Launch has a 48V 210 amp hour smart lithium battery and 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels to handle your off-grid power needs. In the wet bath, a Showermiser water management system and cassette toilet help you conserve fresh water for extended dry camping.

To ensure you’ll enjoy a smoother ride, Entegra built the launch with their exclusive E-Z Drive system. It includes KONI shock absorbers which adapt to the road and a heavy duty rear stabilizer bar for easier handling. The Mercedes-Benz chassis provides on-demand four-wheel drive and all-terrain tires help you make your own path. Visit General RV to take the Launch for a test drive.

Winnebago Era Class B Motorhome

A Winnebago Era Class B motorhome is parked next to a large body of water with large, churning waves.
A woman and man inside a Winnebago Era camper van motorhome.

If you want a B van with all the amenities you need for touring in style, the Winnebago Era could be the Class B RV for you. Each model is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis paired with a fuel-efficient 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine. You’ll get all the latest Mercedes-Benz safety features in this camper van including: rear camera system, blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance system, active brake assist, active lane keeping assist, rain sensor, crosswind assist and headlight assist. The 10-inch MBUX infotainment center even provides a WiFi hotspot for your personal devices.

Cruise or camp in comfort with the Era’s interior features. Plush Ultraleather furniture, solid Corian countertops and dimmable LED lighting all come standard. Each RV also features a fully functional galley kitchen with everything you need to prepare delicious meals whenever you want. Not a fan of public facilities? The convenient wet bath includes a flexible showerhead, shower curtain, stainless steel sink and more so you can bypass rest areas.

The Era is available in three floorplans for a variety of seating and sleeping options. The 70A seats four and sleeps up to three; the 70B seats six and sleeps two; and the 70X seats up to seven and sleeps two. Use your Era to drive the kids (and their friends!) to the next away tournament and enjoy all the amenities of your motorhome between games. Or, pack up your ski gear and head to the mountains for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other. Whatever adventure you choose, the Era will take you there. Explore all Era floorplans at General RV.

Thor Motor Coach Sanctuary 19PT Class B RV

A Thor Sanctuary Class B RV is parked near a large rock formation.
Interior of the Thor Sanctuary camper van.

Thor knows that van life is all about getting off the grid, and the Sanctuary camper van has the technology to stay there. The Sanctuary’s solar charging system provides power without plugging in, so you can set up camp anywhere. A solar panel (190 watts) and controller work together to keep the batteries full without causing damage. The optional Re(Li)able battery system can store even more, so you can travel further and stay longer.

The Sanctuary comes in a compact conversion van size that makes driving and parking simple. Though it measures in at under 20 feet in length, this RV is big on features. It all starts with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis. The cockpit is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto plus tons of modern safety features. Your multimedia dash doubles as a backup monitor, so you can keep an eye on the road behind you or whatever you’re towing with the 3,500-pound trailer hitch. The exterior is well-equipped for your gear and outdoor living. A Thule bike rack, powered awning with LED lighting, roof ladder and a roof rack system come standard.

Inside, the Sanctuary lives up to its name. Swivel captain chairs, a galley kitchen and wet bath provide comfort and convenience on your adventures. You also have an electric fold out sofa that converts to a spacious sleeping area (70 inches by 72 inches) at the rear of the coach.

Wherever you go, you’ll have entertainment options thanks to Winegard’s all-in-one ConnecT 2.0 4G/WiFi/Digital TV antenna. It provides connectivity for streaming shows or checking in with friends. Or connect to the JBL FLIP speaker and enjoy your favorite songs under the stars. With multiple full-body paint options, you’ll find a Sanctuary that fits your tastes at General RV.

Winnebago Travato Class B RV

Exterior photo of a Winnebago Travato Class B RV parked in a desert next to tall cacti.
A woman hands gear to her partner as they unload their camper van.

Last on our list of top Class B RVs is the Travato. Manufactured by Winnebago and built using SmartSpace design, the Travato is the best-selling camper van in North America. Available in four 21-foot floorplans, the Travato is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis with V6 engine and is fuel efficient enough to work as your daily driver.

This camper van was engineered for extended-season camping. The Travato’s roof and sidewalls have extensive insulation to keep out the cold. Above-floor water lines and heated tanks protect your plumbing. Available dual-pane acrylic insulated windows provide added thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Pure3 Advanced Energy System on the 59GL and 59KL models lets you go dry camping without a problem. The Pure3 system includes a three-module lithium-ion energy pack, 3,600-watt inverter, Bluetooth control module, energy pack heating system and a second dedicated alternator powered by the chassis engine that provides up to 12,000 watt-hours. Efficient heating and cooling systems also help you stay off the grid longer. The Truma Combi Eco-Plus heating system runs off propane or electricity. The Eco-Hot water system cuts water waste and waiting time for hot water.

All floorplans feature a plush, cool and comfortable WinnSleep system that combines a superior mattress with a European suspension system. This relieves pressure and improves air circulation under the mattress. Convenient, accessible storage is also found throughout the coach.

With its advanced technology and long list of standard features, the Travato makes every trip more comfortable and more memorable. See what makes the Travato a best seller in person at General RV.

Is a Class B motorhome right for you?

There’s only one question left to ask: Is a Class B motorhome right for you? Van life isn’t for everyone, but there is a Class B RV for anyone who wants to experience more of the outdoors in a camper van. You’ll be happiest if you choose a Class B motorhome with features to match your active lifestyle and travel goals. Consider how you’ll use your motorhome, who you’ll travel with and where you want to go before you start shopping. RV forums and RV shows are great places to do some research.

The B van experts at General RV can also help you find the perfect camper van. Our online showroom is always open, and our internet sales specialists can answer all your questions via text or chat. Prefer to explore Class B motorhomes in person? Visit one of our RV dealers near you today.