Financing an RV Made Easy with General RV

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Christina

Embarking on fun family adventures in an RV is at the top of many people’s wish lists and finding the right financing options with General RV can easily make that dream a reality. Whether you’re just starting to think about getting an RV or you’re ready to apply for a loan and bring your RV home, we’re ready to help you navigate this journey!

Financing Your RV Dreams

You may need a loan to finance all or some of the purchase price of a new or used motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop-up camper or toy hauler. When factoring in the tax savings and investment income, many times it is less expensive to finance an RV than to pay cash for it. Since RVs range in size and build, the loans used to finance them likewise vary in size and terms. While not usually as large as a home mortgage, RV loans are also unique from automobile loans, as they are often larger purchases and may require additional factors in the approval process.

Diving into the details of RV financing

RV loans are typically secured by the RV, like car loans, with a fixed APR and set repayment terms. General RV can offer some RV loans for up to 240 months or 20 years.

Your credit plays a large part in your eligibility and interest rate, as does the size of the loan and your down payment. In addition to checking your credit, lenders usually look at other aspects of your financial health, such as your net worth or cash flow and income, employment and housing.

RV loans may require a down payment, often between 10% and 20%, depending on your credit. A larger down payment may reduce your monthly payment and may decrease the interest rate and how much you ultimately pay on the loan. General RV offers $0 down payments to qualifying customers.

Why General RV is Your Premier RV Financing Partner

General RV’s size and reputation enables us to give you the best opportunity to receive financing for an RV loan. We partner with national banks, regional banks and credit unions to find the best RV financing program that will work for you. Many of our partner lending institutions offer an automatic payment deduction option. You can even defer payment up to 90 days.

More than 70 RV financing options available at General RV

Those with poor to no credit can take advantage of General RV’s First Time Buyer program that utilizes other aspects of your financial history. There are also special financing terms for full-time RVers, as well as Canadian residents.

General RV offers simple interest loans – you only pay interest on the principal. We finance any type of RV – pop-ups, truck campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and Class A, B and C motorhomes. We even offer financing options for LLCs, businesses and trusts.

RV Loan Calculator to estimate your RV financing

Use our RV Loan Calculator to calculate your estimated RV loan.

General RV also offers 0% financing on some of our protection products, such as CornerStone Service Contracts, SafeRide RV roadside assistance and Tire Shield tire coverage.  

CornerStone RV Service Contracts

After more than 30 years, CornerStone RV is the most established service plan administrator in North America. This affordable extended service contract comes with a low deductible, chassis and coach coverage, service call benefits and nationwide protection.

RV GAP Coverage

Classic GAP has been in business for 30 years. If your RV is stolen or totaled, you will want GAP protection. They will pay the difference of what you owe on your loan and what the insurance company will be paying to you.

SafeRide RV Assistance

SafeRide RV Motor Club’s membership includes emergency roadside assistance and concierge services that you can use both on and off the road. We’ll guide you to the best campsites, make your dinner reservations and refer you to exciting, local activities.

RV Tire Shield

Tire Shield is a contract of protected coverage strictly for road hazard damage to tires on new and pre-owned RVs. Road hazards are those unusual conditions that may occur on the highway such as potholes, nails, glass and other hazardous materials. Tire Shield will pay the cost for repairing or replacing tires, rims, etc.

Platinum RV Protection for Interior & Exterior

Protect your investment from the elements with Platinum Protection Systems. The Ultimate Plus Appearance Protection provides extensive interior and exterior coverage. Whether it’s road salt, ocean spray, bird waste, tree sap or even sun damage, the exterior of your RV is protected. The interior is protected, as well, from rips, tears, spills, stains and even mold or mildew.

Our goal at General RV is to be your premier RV partner and your one-stop-shop for all your RV needs. For your convenience, we work with an RV insurance partner. Plus, you’ll find all the RV parts and accessories you need in our Supercenters. We also have more than 600 state-of-the-art RV service bays at our 18 locations and growing.