General RV Presents: The Grand Design RV Solitude 305RE Fifth Wheel

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Christina

Grand Design has done it again! They have now released the Solitude 305RE fifth wheel to go a long with the Solitude 369RL and the Solitude 368RD. Their innitial offering of the 369RL proved hugely successful, as it blended comfort, with useability and luxury. Grand Design RV was founded on the premise that they would always listen to the customer and their desires and needs. They have certainly lived up to this obligation in the early stages, as a key piece of feedback received was the customer’s desire for a rear entertainment model. Not even a full six months into their existance, they have released a rear entertainment model in the 305RE. Now that’s listening to the customer!

This RV is perfect for those RVers that seek an uninterrupted living space with clean sight lines to the T.V. You don’t have to worry about cooking in the kitchen and being in the way of those watching T.V. Additionally, the open concept floorplan on this fifth wheel reminds many RVers of their residential home, as a conversation can be easily had with those in the living space, or even sitting at the dining table. Grand Deisign has once again hit a “home run” with this floorplan, as it almost feels like you are in suburbia and not a towable fifth wheel. However, rest assured as nature is right out your doorstep. For more information visit give us a call at 888-436-7578