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Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Christina

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If you have a pet, it’s likely that they are a part of your family camping trips and often go with you in your RV. In fact, a survey from Go RVing shows 68 percent of campers travel with their pets. We instantly think of dogs as the standard travel companion, but we have seen many pets at campgrounds over the years.  It’s not uncommon to see a cat on a leash, but we have also seen people with pigs, birds and even monkeys as travel companions!

Experience joy while camping with pets

Camping with pets can double the pleasures of RVing. Sharing the great outdoors with such a naturally-enthusiastic creature can give you that extra energy for one more trail or to get up early and enjoy the sunrise view. RVers have countless stories of how their pets enhanced their camping experiences.

Here’s a few stories from General RV customers and supporters:

 “I was on a solo camping trip up in the mountains of Colorado just south of Silverton and I had made my way deep into the mountains, right off of a mountain stream and I was setting up and I saw the most amazing scene a mother moose and calf walking within 25 feet of me. Knowing the danger I was in I froze and prayed my dog did not startle her. In the end it was the most amazing experience but was a great reminder that you always have to be safe in the wild. Once safely away I was able to snap this picture.” – Adam
 “It was the first camping trip after we rescued our dogs. We love disc golfing at the campground and took them with us. It was a hot day and we decided to go for ice cream and get them pup cups. My dad, their grandpa, had a bonding moment with them by feeding them their ice creams!” – Emily
 “Our very first trip in my new Scope 18M. Beautiful beach on Lake Michigan, who would have thought the sand & view would have been so perfect. Three years later and still loving every adventure more than the last!” – Lucia

Share your camping with pets stories today

General RV’s current brand campaign focuses on the memories that families create when camping in their RVs and the stories we help them come home with. Past, present and future customers are encouraged to share their camping stories and photos with General RV. Anyone can share their camping stories on social media using the hashtag’s #GeneralRV and #ComeHomeWithAStory.

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