Canadian Customers Praise General RV For Service

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Christina

The following testimonial was received last night from happy customers in Newfoundland. If you are a Canadian buyer please feel free to contact Terry at 888-436-7578. He will take care of you just the way he took care of this family.

“We just want to send these comments about one of your amazing team members, Mr. Terry B. Terry is the Manager of Internet Operations, and it was through your website/internet that we first came in contact with each other.

We first started communicating with Terry back in June of 2010, when we first were interested in a 2010 30BHS Cougar Travel Trailer. The emails went back and forth for over 2 years, until finally we purchased a 2013 Eagle 314 BDS in September 2012, which we really enjoy so much. The kids too, love getting in and enjoying their time at the camp grounds. We don’t think they ever sleep better, than when they crash inside their new RV bunk beds.

Terry definitely should be given recognition” for an OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE!” also.  Terry had lots of patience with us in the beginning and he still does right to this very day. If we email him, he is right back to us within the day. Some small issues we had with the camper when we first received it in Newfoundland, off the ferry, Terry and his technicians were there on the phone with us until the matters were rectified.

Due to me purchasing this camper from Michigan over the internet, and arranging the shipping through General RV, there was no one on one orientation of the unit to go over and see how everything worked and was supposed to be set up. That was gladly reviewed over the phone with us upon the campers arrival to Newfoundland until we were 100% clear on how everything worked.


In our honest opinions, you will not go wrong with purchasing a travel trailer or fifth wheel from General RV. We are sure your experience with them will be well worth the purchase. We are very glad we went with this dealership in the USA as they saved us a lot of money from purchasing one from a local dealership in my home town.

Thank you very much Terry for your professionalism and patience with us.”


John, Susan, Thomas, Frank & Alexandra 

 Paradise, Newfoundland Canada