General RV Features: Starcraft Autumn Ridge Travel Trailer

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Christina

Video Transcription
Hello, I’m David Raschke with General RV Center, the Nation’s largest family owned RV dealer with 11 Super Stores in 5 States, over 3,000 RVs to choose from and a multi-million dollar parts inventory for all your RV needs. Today our spotlight shines on Starcraft’s Autumn Ridge 18QB AR-ONE. Come on, let’s get started.
You know Starcraft’s AR-ONE line is an entry level, value priced Travel Trailer that is really towable by SUVs and minivans. Take a look at the aerodynamics, cuts right through the wind. You’ve got your black diamond plate front that reduces stone chips, good size window for that view in the morning of the lake and 20lbs of LP gas on board. Come on, let’s go take a look at the patio side of this coach.
The 18QB offers many different things such as, look at this, a plug-in for solar panels, that’s amazing! Solar panels can power this entire coach. You’ve got a large pass-through for all your camping needs. Automatic awning, power awning, one button push. But, I want to show you something that is very, VERY important on this particular model: it’s Starcraft’s 2 year warranty, bumper-to-bumper, piece of mind, never have to worry. This coach also offers aluminum wheels, exterior AC outlets and 3 toned aluminum exterior – beautiful finish! Let’s go take a look at the back of this coach.
The 18QB offers a crowned 1-piece construction roof. Again, you have your extension gutters: keep the water on the ground, not on the side of your coach. You have a steel bumper that houses the drain with end caps to keep the hose inside the bumper. You’ve got your spare tire and of course, you have 4 stabilizer jacks – keeps this coach nice and stable while you’re camping inside. Let’s take a look at the rest of the coach.
On this side of the coach, you’re going to find your cable television hook-up for the parks that do provide that to you. You will also find your grey water and black water emptying conveniently located. You have your 30-AMP power supply service that conveniently is stored inside and closed away. You will also find your exterior empty for your air conditioning. Then you will find over here as well city water connection and your fresh water fill-up. Let’s go take a look at the inside of this coach.
Welcome to the interior of the Autumn Ridge 18QB AR-ONE. Before I start to describe all the features and benefits of the interior, I’d like to show you something. Look at the size of this coat closet! That’s amazing on a coach of this size! What you’ll find on here is all your controls to extend your awning as well as your lighting. Up above you’re going to find plenty of cabinet space and I’d like to emphasize the fact of these cabinets – beautiful honey glazed cherry finish. The people at Starcraft did a phenomenal job on this coach.

You have a 54” dinette that converts into sleeping arrangements. I also want to show you that this table can be easily collapsed, taken outside for use out there as well and when you’re done with it, it conveniently folds up underneath the queen bed. On this side of the coach you’re going to find a platform for all your electronics like your LED TV that conveniently plugs into the coax cable input and we have your AC outlets. You’re going to find over here a 2-burner stove, hood range and of course microwave oven. Don’t forget the pleated shades and I want to show you something phenomenal for a coach of this size: you should see the inside of this master bath!
Take a look at the size of this bathroom in a coach of this size. You have your commode, you have your bathtub/shower, skylight and exhaust vent.
Over here you’re going to find a 3 cubic foot refrigerator with freezer. On the side of the wall you have your monitoring station, to let you know the status of your grey and black tank, as well as how much water is left in your fresh, and how much power is left in your battery. You have an air conditioner to keep this coach nice and cozy on those hot summer days. On this side, you’re going to find a stereo system with CD player and 6 ½” speakers. On the side of this queen bed, you’re going to find two good sized wardrobes to store all your clothing and you’re going to find plenty of storage underneath the queen bed. Don’t forget your privacy curtain! Well, this is going to conclude our presentation of the Autumn Ridge 18QB AR-ONE.
Well I hope you enjoyed our presentation of Starcraft’s Autumn Ridge 18QB AR-One. We are General RV, the nation’s largest family owned RV dealer, with 11 super stores in 5 states. Over 3,000 units to choose from and a multi-million dollar parts inventory for all your RV needs. Stop in or give us a call at 888-436-7578 or visit us on the web at I’m David Raschke, thanks for watching and happy camping!