RVING 101 | Top 10 Accessories for the New RVer

RVers new to the lifestyle can get confused by all the different parts and accessories available for their unit.  We created this list to show you the must haves when you’re first getting the feel of you new RV.

4 Pin Electrical Connector

This provides power from your tow vehicle to your RV for the lights only.

Surge Protector
30 or 50 AMP protects from surges, brown-outs, faulty wiring at hookups.

Sewer Hose
Hose for sewage hookup/tank dumping.

Fresh Water Hose
Hose for fresh water hookup

Maxx Air Vents
Protects your roofs ventilation from the weather.

Slide Toppers
Protects the top of your slide outs

Outside Screens For Furnace and Fridge Vents
Helps to prevent bugs from entering and building nests.

Holding Tank Chemicals
This will reduce the smell of your holding tanks and will also break up waste/toilet paper.

Wheel Chocks
Keep your RV in place by placing these under or between the wheels when it’s parked.

Lynx Levelers
Keep your RV level place by placing these under the wheels when it’s parked.

Extended Towing Mirrors
Helps with your blind spots while towing your RV.


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