RV Camping Tips & Tricks: What Every Camper Should Know

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Christina

We all know that the outdoors has a splendor and beauty every RVer and camper seeks that only nature can provide.  That being said– it also has it’s obstacles (bugs, wind, dark, spiders, heat ect).  We have put together a list of camping tips and tricks to help you achieve the most efficient and peaceful camping experience possible.  Please enjoy & hopefully these help you in your RVing adventures!

Dog Driving RV

Bugs & Critters NO BUGS

  • Hide unscented dryer sheets under you table cloths to keep the bees away
  • Fill a spray bottle 50/50 Pine-Sol & water, use it to clean tables, furniture and spray on patio to keep the flies away.
  • Add Sage to your campfire to keep bugs & mosquitoes away
  • Mix Listerine & household vinegar on the body as an organic bug spray
  • Spiders hate peppermint- if you do not like spiders- peppermint is your new favorite perfume

Storage Solutions

  • Use an old ketchup bottle for the perfect pancakes
  • Use old tic tac or pill containers for spicescamping storage
  • Mix salt & water in an old milk jug – keep it in your cooler
  • Line drawers and shelves in cupboards to prevent your stuff from sliding around
  • Save condiment packages from restaurants, carryout & fast food – they take up less space & still keep a variety of choices
  • Use a plastic door hanging shoe rack to store shampoo, curling irons, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste & all your bathroom essentials

Campfire Tricks

  • Birthday candles are a cheap & effective way to start a fire especially in damp conditions
  • Dryer lint is great to use under the wood when starting your fireSmores
  • Fritos/Corn chips make great fire starters

Other HELPFUL Tips

  • HOMEMADE FLASH LIGHT–Take Mountain Dew bottle (leave a little bit in the bottom) add a touch of baking soda & 3 caps of peroxide, top it with lid & shake.
  • Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water, lights up the whole area.
  • Use Bundt pans on stakes as water bowls for your dog- keeps them from spilling!
  •  Don’t forget to pack a map…you never know when you cell could loose service