Prime Time Manufacturing and General RV Center

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Video Transcript

Prime Time Mfg. President Jeff Rank Talks About Relationship With General RV

“My name is Jeff Rank and I’m the president of Prime Time Manufacturing. We are headquartered in Wakarusa, Indiana. And Prime Time is a division of Forest River. Forest River is one of the world’s largest RV manufacturers. Our parent company is Birch Hire Hathaway. So, one of the great things that Prime Time and Forest River brings to the market is just financial stability. We’ve been in business for a number of years, and we’re known worldwide as having solid financial backing, and dealers like doing business with us because they know that we’re a company that’s going to be around to take care of their customers. At Prime Time, we’ve done business with Loren and folks from General for a number of years, and that history predates even Prime Time with me and several members of our staff. General has been a great customer, dealer customer of ours for years and one of the things is, we know that they’re a company that takes care of the customer, and for us as a manufacturer, we want to be–because we’re a full line manufacturer–we want to be in a position where customers buy from us, have a great experience, and we want to have the opportunity to have that customer buy from us again. However, we know for that to happen, we have to be doing business with a dealer who’s going to take care of that customer and give them a great experience. And it’s been my experience dealing with the guys at General and all of their service people and just a dealership that’s committed to providing that incredible camping and retail experience. Those customers buy from General, love doing business with them, and they’re going to come back and buy from them again. And for us, that gives us a great opportunity to perhaps put that customer into another Prime Time.”