Tiffin Class A Motorhomes

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Video Transcript

Hi i’m Mike Andes, I’m the upper Midwest Tiffin rep for Tiffin motor homes, and General RV center is one of our customers. I’d like to say a few words about Tiffin and General, if I may. Bob Tiffin founded Tiffin motorhomes and we’re almost approaching our 40th year in the Class A motorhomes business. And I think over that 40 year period, Tiffin motorhomes has established the reputation of being the number one service manufacturer in the industry. And much like Tiffin, General RV center is a very privately held business also and like Tiffin, they’re going on their 5th decade in the RV business. Also like Tiffin they’ve established a terrific reputation for customer service over that 50 years. General RV has got an image in the market place especially now with the expansion they’ve had in the last 3 years with 10 stores in geographically dispersed areas of the country, over 140 service bays to service their customers both local and in transit, they are indeed a powerhouse in the RV industry. But having said that, General RV is a very privately held business also. They’re now in their 3rd generation with Loren and Rob of management in the RV business. And I think probably what makes the Tiffin motorhome General RV relationship so special is, well, we both are pretty much at the top of our games within the industry. Both companies still have a very, very family oriented, personal type of relationship with their employees and their customers. I think our business models are very, very consistent, and at the end of the day, while this beautiful motorhome represents the best Tiffin has to offer in terms of high value products, General RV also prides itself on offering manufacturers of high value and high quality, and providing extremely good service… so in that respect, our companies are very similar. Our business models and our philosophy are very similar and I know I speak for Bob Tiffin when I say we’re very, very proud to have General RV as a customer of ours. It’s been just a brief 2 year relationship, but at least from our standpoint it’s been a win/win relationship, and we definitely look forward to partnering up with General RV center for many years to come.