General RV Features Highland Ridge’s Open Range Fifth Wheel

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Video Transcript
Hi folks, I’m Ed Buchwald from General RV Center, the Nation’s Largest Family Owned RV Dealer. We have 11 Super Centers, over 3,000 units in stock and a multi-million dollar parts inventory. Today we’re going to talk about the 2016 Open Range Light 319RLS. Let’s start at the roof…
Most manufacturers are using either a rubber membrane or TPO, has been in the industry for ages. Open Range is using something called PVC, polyvinyl chloride. Great benefits to this: requires no maintenance and does not send those streaks down the side gutters. This is a one-piece fiber glass molded cap. You notice that this is a really unique design. It has two LED docking lights with a switch right here to turn them on and off, easy to access.
Randy Graber, the President of Open Range RV has a 5’6” ft. Ford F-150 pick-up truck and he knew he could not hall a traditional fifth wheel without a slider in his bed. He found this unit from LCI, it’s called the King Combo and it’s designed so that the fifth wheel pin box sits forward of the front of the fifth wheel. By doing that you can actually create a 90 degree angle with his truck to get in those tight spaces. Underneath here we’ve got propane storage in the front corner. You have three 20lb. propane tanks; 20lb propane tanks are easier to handle. Below here, you’ll notice we’ve got some stabilization bars, this is called the JT Strong-Arm System. Most people when they have a fifth wheel will have a tripod here to try and take off some of that sway. If you create two triangles on each leg, it becomes very, very stable. Those things are unique to the Open Range Light, as well as his Open Range line.
Ok folks; let’s talk about the outside of this coach. We have an electric awning that opens and closes with a touch of a button and LED lights. Big open compartment here: slam baggage latch doors with magnetic catches. Inside you’re going to have a hookup for your cable TV or your satellite. And this door closes, like it should *latches shut after dropped*. One piece door, the door has a screen inside of it so you can open and close screen as needed and leave your door closed. A swing away grab handle for those people who need a little extra help or a little extra stability climbing up and down the stairs.
Traditional wall construction consists of fiberglass with lauan backer, Styrofoam and an interior wall board. Open Range has decided to eliminate the Lauan and replace with a product called Symalite. Symalite is 30% lighter than Lauan, it doesn’t absorb water and is impervious to delamination. It’s a great product, costs a little bit more but again we’re talking about an Open Range here. We’ve got frameless windows, a real nice look for the exterior of the coach. Frameless windows open from the bottom in an awning style so if you got caught in a rainstorm while you weren’t near your camper, you don’t have to worry about water intrusion when you’re gone. I want to step back here for a second, I just want to show you something: Every Open Range that is produced across the country comes with a limited bumper-to-bumper 2 year transferable warranty. He really stands behind his product folks. Let’s take a walk around and look at the back-side of this coach.
Ok folks; here we are at the back of the Open Range Light Fifth Wheel. Let’s start at the top: you’ve got a nice radius roof, water sheds away from the center, down the gutter channel and out the extended gutter. Water drips off the coach instead of down the coach. On the sides they’re using a triple seal – nobody in the industry is doing this. Again you have your frameless window on the rear living layout, nice big window across the back. Those windows, again, open from the bottom. Ladder for access in case you need to get up on that roof for any reason, he’s already had the ladder installed for you. LED braking lights, nice bright lights so you don’t have to worry about anyone behind you. Down on the bottom here, we’ve got a traditional bumper but they’ve taken the time to wrap that with an aluminum diamond plate: gives it a nice clean look. Last thing we want to talk about back here is new for 2016, they’re doing a wireless back-up camera option. Real simple to using, just plug in up in the front of the vehicle and now you can see the back of the coach as you’re backing into your campsite. Let’s take a look at the other side of the coach here.
Folks, here we are on the back side of this fifth wheel. Let’s talk about the suspension system for a second… Traditional fifth wheels are going to use just a regular equalizer between the axles. Open Range has taken that one step further and is using the Trail-Air Equa-Flex rubberized suspension system. What it’s going to do is isolate the top coach from the road and you’re going to have a nice smooth ride up above. All of the walls on this coach, ALL OF THE WALLS, the side walls, the end walls on the slides, the bottom floors as well as the roofs on the slides are all laminated – nobody else in the industry is doing that. You’ve got a 50 AMP service coach; in fact, all Open Ranges are 50 AMP. So if you decided that you wanted to use a second AC, it’s already wired and framed, you can have a second AC ordered and dropped in there with no problem whatsoever. All of the service that needs to be done on this coach is done in this one location. Open this door and you’ve got access to a hot and cold shower, a black tank sewer flush, your hose hookup for pressure from the park, your water fill as well as your dump valves. Your dump valves are enclosed is that heated enclosed underbelly. Makes everything simple, you’re going to service your coach in just 4 ft. Underneath you’re going to have an enclosed and heated underbelly; there is a 3” heat duct that is dedicated to provide heat and a return line to the cold air return to that furnace. That tank area is completely enclosed and at 0 degrees, this coach has been tested and the water will stay at 60 degrees in that compartment. This is a true all-season coach. Folks, this concludes the exterior of the Open Range – let’s go inside and take a look.
Hi folks, let’s continue our tour of the Open Range 319RLS. We’re going to start with our master bedroom. Ok folks, here we are in the master bedroom for the Open Range 319. First thing you’re going to notice is a full-sized queen bed. Most traditional travel trailers and fifth wheels will have what’s called a short queen: its 60” x 72”. Open Range has decided to carry a full-sized queen; they have a 60” x 80” which takes regular fitted queen bed sheets. You won’t have to worry about working with a flat sheet . Up in the back behind your head, you’re going to have a USB charging station for your cellphone and a 12-V output. On either side of the bed, you’ve got electrical outlets and back in the cubby here you’re going to see an additional outlet and that one is actually for putting in a satellite dish box so you can actually control everything right here. The queen bed actually slides left and right a little bit and the reason for that is because you have a full slide here for your wardrobe, a mirrored wardrobe and on this side we’ve got 3 drawers and 2 cubbies for all those extra things that you want to put away. Let’s check out the bathroom.
Ok folks here we are in the master bathroom. One of the unique things about this master bathroom is how it’s laid out. It is a walk-through style bathroom: you come from the hallway if you’re in the living area or from the master bedroom. Behind me I have something that’s really unique in a half ton towable, I’ve got a lot of storage in here. There’s an electrical outlet here and below if you remove this, you can actually put in a combo washer/ dryer unit. Nobody else that I know of is doing a combo washer/dryer in a half ton towable fifth wheel. A lot of extra storage in here. Over here in the shower area, instead of using the traditional less expensive angled shower, he’s gone the half-round shower and magnetic doors. They close and keeps the water inside where it belongs and on this side here we also have a full medicine cabinet and storage underneath. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to sit down in the morning, no place better than your bathroom! This one is actually angled off the wall so it’s easy to use and it is a porcelain foot flush style toilet. Let’s go check out the main living area.
Ok folks here we are in the Open Range Light 319RLS main living area. Let’s start over here with the dining. The dining is all hardwood, this is all Western Aspen. We are looking at an area where you can actually pull-out a chair and actually sit down. In a coach this size, you normally don’t get that opportunity – everyone’s trying to squeeze into those chairs. On the back wall, you can notice your window appointments: they are not lambrequins and valences (they tend to get in the way when people are trying to sit down, leaning up against there, trying to crowd in. Eventually they will get lose and you’ll have to have them replace or restored. If you looking over here, one of the great things you have in this coach is every one of our coaches that we bring in from Open Range comes with this island if it’s an option. We bring it in because its extra storage space, its extra prep space. On this island you’ve got two drawers and you’ve got two cabinet doors underneath that have storage as well. This is a free-standing island and when you’re storing it for travel it will go right next to the dinette and secure in place. Behind me I have the kitchen sink area, you have a really nice back splash with a really nice appointment back here. You’ve got the high-rise faucet with the pull-out, so you can clean those big pots and pans. Covers for your sink, you have an under mounted sink and that also gives you an opportunity to this into a buffet or prep area if you want to. Your Western Aspen doors all the way across, across the top. 4 drawers on this side, 2 drawers on that side. Below the drawers on that side we have our furnace and the furnace is centrally located in this coach because it does pipe warm air into the underbelly to help keep those tanks warm when the winter time. You’ve got storage on both sides of your stove and oven. You’ve got a big pot drawer underneath; everyone normally stores their pots and pans inside their oven. Microwave on top with two additional storage areas over here and counter top on either side of your 3 burner stove so you can actually prep while you’re cooking over here. Next to the stove you’ve got the refrigerator, this is an 8 cubic foot Norcold refrigerator, 4 shelves in there and of course they dress it up real nice on the front with the Western Aspen they’re using throughout the rest of the coach. The big thing on this coach here is the amount of storage you have. We have a pantry: there’s 5 pull-out drawers in this pantry and you have an area up on top for your larger items as well. You’ll never run out of storage on a coach like this. This is one of the things that people really love about this coach. Let’s take a look at the rest of the living area, we’re going to flip around.
Folks look out big this coach is on the inside. This coach is 100” wide outside which means 96” wide inside. One of the great things that Highland Ridge / Open Range Light does is they put a 42” deep slide in every one of their coaches and this is no exception. In this particular coach, they do two 42” slides, opposing slides, you’ve got 42” deep slide on my left and a 42” slide on my right, that give us a total of 15’ wall-to-wall. Nobody else in the industry can do that because of his construction techniques. On the floor we have a Beauflor, 1-piece vinyl sheeting made specifically for the RV industry. It’s heat and cold crack resistant and one of the great things he’s now doing is that he has a patent pending on being able to put a vinyl sheet flooring in a slide. Nobody else is able to do that at this time. Let’s take a look at the entertainment center. I have a Furrion AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/IPOD/USB/Phone Charger and Bluetooth Capable. Below that, the Furrion sound bar which can link to the television below. Furrion is well known in the industry, specifically the Marine industry and the reason it works so well in the RV industry is because they’re very compatible with heat, cold and vibration. Below the TV, you’ve got a little secret compartment here. So if you want to store some things that nobody can see, that’s a good place to put those. Fireplace below you can turn on and off for colors as well as heat, it is a 5,000BTU heater. So down to about 50 degrees it will take the chill off and you won’t need to be running the propane at all. Behind me I have one of the couches; this is a queen bed when it’s opened up. You’ve got windows all the way around the open up so if you decided to not use the air conditioning you can get a breeze anywhere you’re sitting. Over here across from me I have two theatre seats that face the television, people like to look directly at the television and Open Range has listened. You’ve got the two recliners with cup holders and an arm rest that can store your remote control. Folks this concludes the interior of the Open Range Light 319RLS.
Folks this concludes our presentation of the Open Range Light 319RLS. We’re General RV, the Nation’s largest family owned dealer. We have 11 Super Centers across 5 states and over 3,000 RVs in stock. There’s a multi-million dollar parts inventory waiting for you. Give us a call at 888-436-7578 or visit us on the web at Or give me a call, my personal cell phone number is 248-980-3719. I’m Ed Buchwald and thanks for watching!