Enjoy these easy, delicious pie iron cinnamon rolls on your next camping trip

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Christina

Cinnamon rolls and pie irons. Two of life’s simplest pleasures combine to make one very delicious campfire breakfast recipe. And we can’t get enough of these easy and quick pie iron cinnamon rolls! They’re the perfect breakfast to warm you up on a chilly morning.

You and your family can enjoy hot and gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast on your next camping trip, too. Just grab your pie iron and follow the simple steps below!

What you’ll need:

  • Refrigerated cinnamon roll dough and icing
  • Non-stick spray
  • Waffle Pie Iron made by Rome Pie Iron (This model is a must; the dough won’t cook as evenly in a round pie iron. Plus, the waffle mold makes perfect pools for collecting all the icing! Pick one up in the RV Parts department at your nearest General RV dealer before your next outing.)
  • Metal fork or tongs
You'll need a pie iron, refrigerated cinnamon roll dough and icing, cooking spray, and metal tongs or a fork to make these pie iron cinnamon rolls.

How to make fresh pie iron cinnamon rolls:

A man sprays non-stick spray onto an open pie iron.

First, coat both sides of your pie iron with non-stick spray. Then preheat your pie iron by placing it over the campfire while you open the cinnamon roll dough package and separate the rolls.

Two cinnamon rolls are placed inside a pie iron to cook.

Next, place the cinnamon roll dough on to one side of the iron. It will be hot, so be careful.

Note: We used regular size cinnamon rolls (an 8 count tube) so we used two rolls to fill the iron.

Then close your pie iron and place over the campfire.

A pie iron cooks over a campfire.

Cook each side for about 1 minute. We recommend rotating your pie iron while cooking so that both sides cook evenly.

Note: We used regular size cinnamon rolls, but if you choose large or jumbo rolls, you may need to add a bit more time. Just open the pie iron to check for doneness at 30-second intervals.

Cooked cinnamon rolls sit inside an open pie iron sitting on a wooden picnic table.

After cooking, carefully remove the cinnamon rolls from the pie iron with tongs or a fork.

A man uses metal tongs to remove cinnamon rolls from a hot iron.

Finally, drizzle on lots of icing and dig in!

A fork drizzles icing over cooked cinnamon rolls on a brown plate.

Not only is this campfire breakfast super easy and quick to whip up, EVERYONE will love it.

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