7 Great RV Accessories for Camping with your Dog

Last Updated on July 23, 2021 by Christina

Would you love to take your dog camping with you? General RV can help with unique, dog-friendly RVing accessories that will make your adventures more fun. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite accessories for camping with your dog in this blog post. These are must-have items you’ll want to take along to make life easier when camping with your dog. And they’re not just convenient for you, they’ll help your pet enjoy the trip as much as you enjoy having them with you. Best of all, you can find all these products and more at your local General RV Supercenter!

Collapsible Klipscoop

Dog camping accessory #1: The Collapsible Klipscoop looks like a regular bag clip but with a collapsible cup on one side of the clip.

Make mealtimes easy with the Collapsible Klipscoop! The compact design saves space in your RV and is a great camping accessory for any dog parent. This 3-in-1 tool is a measuring cup (2-cup capacity), food scooper, and bag clip all in one! The clip fits easily on your dog’s food bag so no more searching for where you put it last. It also seals the bag to keep your pet’s food fresh and dry. And it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The Collapsible Klipscoop is one one of our favorite accessories for camping with dogs. Take it on the road or use at home!

Collapsible Travel Cup with Bottle Holder & Carabiner

Dog camping accessory #2: A green Collapsible Travel Cup with Bottle Holder and Carabiner

The Collapsible Travel Cup is another compact accessory for traveling and camping with your dog. It’s important for you and Fido to stay hydrated while enjoying the outdoors. The Collapsible Travel Cup with Bottle Holder & Carabiner makes it easy to carry everything you need so you can both have water for your hike. Just attach it to a bottle of water and hit the trails! This clever accessory features a collapsible cup with a bottle holder and carabiner so you can clip it to your belt-loop or backpack, allowing you to keep both hands free. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Single Elevated Feeder (holds up to 1.5 cups)

Dog camping accessory #3: Single Elevated Feeder is a bowl that has folding legs for easy feeding and storage.

For pets on the go, mealtime will be a snap, literally, with the Single Elevated Feeder. Instead of leaning down, the elevated feeder keeps the bowl at a comfortable height for your pet during mealtimes. The removable, collapsible bowl has a 1.5-cup capacity, is sturdy enough to be used separately and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher after use. When not in use, it folds down to a mere 1.5-inches for space-saving storage in your RV. Or toss it into your backpack so your pet won’t go hungry if you’re both out exploring past their dinner time.

Double Elevated Feeder (holds up to 2.5 cups)

Dog camping accessory #4: Double Elevated Feeder contains two bowls and has folding legs for easy feeding and storage.

The Double Elevated Feeder features two collapsible bowls, each with a 2.5-cup capacity, for food and for water. The elevated feeder provides a more comfortable eating position for larger pets and folds down to only 1.5-inches for space-saving storage in your RV. Like the single-bowl version, these bowls are removable so they can be used separately. Grab a bowl to pop into your backpack so you’ll have a way to give your pup water when you are out exploring together.

Snack-Duo w/Companion Cup

Dog camping accessory #4: Snack-Duo bottles hold water and food or treats in two separate compartments. Each compartment has an individual opening to keep items separated.

Now it’s easy to make sure your pet has all they need while out and about! This accessory is perfect for traveling, exploring and camping with your dog. The Snack-Duo is the first pet bottle that has a section for both water and snacks. The compartments are side by side and separated by a divider that is built into the bottle. Each chamber has a 12-oz capacity with individual openings to ensure the contents from each side stay separate. The collapsible, one-cup companion bowl can be used for food or water. So grab the Snack-Duo, grab your pooch and head out for a day of exploring with your best furry friend.

Mudbuster Paw Cleaner

Dog camping accessory #3: Mudbuster paw cleaners feature silicone bristles that gently clean dirty paws.

Another essential RV accessory for camping with your dog is the Mudbuster. This handy device helps keep your pet from tracking mud into your RV after your adventures. To use, add a little water and insert your pup’s paws one at a time. Gentle silicone bristles help remove dirt and mud. Then pat their paws dry and reward him or her with a well-deserved treat. The Mudbuster is easy to clean – just rinse and let dry. You’ll want to keep this handy device by the door, and you may want to get an extra one for use at home as well. Choose from two sizes: Medium for medium-sized dogs with paws up to 2 ½-inches wide and Large for bigger pups with paws up to 3 ½-inches wide. The Mudbuster is also available in multiple colors!

PawSpa 5-Setting Handheld Washer

Dog camping accessory #7: PawSpa SuperWash Handheld Washer is a shower attachment that helps you clean up your pet's toughest messes.

If your dog got more than just their paws muddy, they may need a bath before you let them back on your couch or bed. PawSpa’s SuperWash Handheld Washer is a complete pet washing kit that will help make rinsing or bathing your pet easier. Your pet will enjoy the massage from the rubber nozzles while you deep clean their fur of even the toughest messes they enjoyed getting into. The water-saving SmartPause switch allows you to quickly adjust the water flow from full pressure down to just a trickle. It also features five different settings and an extra long 84-inch hose. It comes with multiple adapters for indoor/outdoor use. Add this to your shopping list and pick up this dog camping accessory next time you visit General RV.

Find these great accessories for camping with your dog at General RV

You’ll find these dog-approved camping accessories and more in the Parts Department at General RV Supercenter. Our inventory varies by location, so plan a visit before your next camping trip. If the item you are looking for isn’t in stock at your store, we can order it for you. Just ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members for assistance.

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