Caring For Your RV’s Awning

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Christina

The awning is one of the best outdoor features your RV has to offer as it shields you from sun and rain and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Keeping up on the care of your RV’s awning is integral to ensuring it lasts for years to come and is less susceptible to damage likes rips and tears from wind or strong rain.

On a monthly basis you need to make sure you’re hosing off your awning. If dirt is allowed to build up it can harden and weaken the fabric. Monthly rinsing also prevents dirt from becoming embedded in your awning, which is incredibly hard to get rid of and can permanently discolor the fabric.

rv awningRV awnings can be made of acrylic or vinyl, but regardless of what your awning is made of, it should get a deep cleaning once a year, preferably before you winterize it and put it in storage for the cold season.

There are several awning cleaning supplies available, however, simple natural soap and warm water (less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) does the job well. Never use detergents as they contain additives that could ruin your awning. Whether you choose to use an awning cleaner or natural soap it’s important to spot test a small, hidden area to ensure the cleaner isn’t impacting your awning’s coloring. If your awning is acrylic be sure to use a stiff brush; if it’s vinyl use a soft brush.

Once you’ve got your brush, soap, water, and a ladder simply begin to remove any dirt or residue. It’s important to do this task when it’s warm and sunny out so that the awning can dry. Never retract the awning when it is wet, because that could allow mildew to grow, which limits the life of your awning. If you notice small mildew spots you can always create a scrub of lemon and salt to kill it. Again, just be sure to test your mixture on the awning in a safe spot.

Taking the time to care for your awning might not be as exciting as packing up and hitting the road for your next vacation, however, it’s an important part of getting the most out of your RV and saving money on the expensive cost of having to replace the awning.

If the idea of cleaning your awning is on you dread you can always bring it by one of our Nationwide General RV locations and have our experienced RV service team take care of the task.

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Did You Know: Many RVs, including the Keystone Alpine, are now being made with standard one touch electrical awnings.This makes set up and tear down easy and efficient.