7 Star Spangled Recipes for this 4th of July

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Christina

It’s almost Independence Day, and we’ve rounded up our favorite 7 star spangled recipes to make your holiday sweeter! These treats include red, white and blue touches for Instagram-worthy pictures. Try making a few of these for your 4th of July get togethers!

PS. We’ve included campsite cooking tips in case you are spending the holiday outdoors!

1. 4th of July Muffins

If you want to start your day with a red, white, and blue breakfast, these tasty muffins are the way to go. Dried cranberries and blueberries give a pop of flavor and color.

Camping Tip: Muffins make an easy campsite breakfast! Just bake at home and store in an airtight container. Muffins can be stored for 1-2 days at room temp or for longer if kept in a fridge or cooler.

2. Red, White and Blue Sparking Juice Drinks

Kid-friendly ginger ale is combined with frozen white grape juice and fruit for a colorful, sparkling drink that all ages can enjoy.

Camping Tip: Keep bugs out of open-top drinks with a simple cupcake liner! Check it out here.

3. Mojito Fruit Salad

If you love the combination of lime and mint, you must try this Mojito Fruit Salad! Made with watermelon, berries, and fresh mint tossed in a sweetened lime glaze, it’s a refreshing snack for any summer afternoon.

Camping Tip: For an adults-only BBQ, try adding a splash of rum to the lime glaze. Or, in the unlikely event that you have leftovers, add mojito fruit salad to sparkling wine for a refreshing post-party treat.

4. Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Parfaits

This simple recipe only requires four ingredients and can be prepped in just 10 minutes. It’s also easy enough for little hands to help make.

Camping Tip: Marshmallow creme can get very sticky when little ones are helping, so keep plenty of wet wipes or damp paper towels on hand for quick cleanup.

5. Firecracker Milkshake

When the temperatures are soaring, these festive milkshakes will help you keep your cool. All you need to create these is vanilla ice cream, two bowls or cups, food coloring drops, and a butter knife.

Camping Tip: Double-check your supplies before you leave to make sure you’ve got enough cups, bowls, and other utensils for everyone before you get to the campsite.

6. Patriotic Dipped Pretzel Rods

These cute pretzel rods are incredibly simple to assemble and can be made ahead of time so you can start the celebration sooner.

Camping Tip: Make these shareable treats the day before your party and keep in a sealed container in a cool place to keep the chocolate from melting.

7. American Flag Pie

We dare you to find a pie more patriotic than this one! Use refrigerated pie crusts and egg wash to create this star spangled beauty for your next cookout.

Camping Tip: We don’t recommend making this onsite unless your RV has a full kitchen available. We do recommend taking a picture of your creation before everyone digs in!

For more recipe ideas, check out our Pinterest board. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!