7 Savory Independence Day Recipes

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Christina

Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day at home or on the campground, these 7 savory recipes will help make your gathering one to remember!  Check out our top picks for mouth-watering meat and side dishes below, then visit our Pinterest page for even more recipe ideas.

1. Fall-Off-The-Bone RibsBBQ ribs

We are firm believers that no summer holiday is complete without ribs. This uncomplicated recipe relies on lemon juice to tenderize the meat. With thousands of pins and likes, it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

Camping Tip: If you plan on being away for the holiday, you can make these savory ribs ahead of the party and then reheat them on the grill at your campsite. Check out how to do it safely.

2. Parmesan Garlic Grilled Corn

Grilled corn with Parmesan and garlic

Does anything shout summer more than sweet corn? This flavorful recipe adds savory butter, garlic and Parmesan to everyone’s favorite summer side dish.

Camping Tip: Corn on the cob can also be cooked over a campfire! See here for instructions.

3. The Best Burger Recipe


If burgers are your go-to cookout entrée, try this recipe with simple spices and a secret ingredient that delivers a tasty kick of flavor.

Camping Tip: Cut down on cooking time onsite by prepping and measuring all your ingredients ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to pack campsite kitchen essentials like spatulas, tongs, aluminum foil, and thermometers.

4. Slow Cooker Barbecued Green Beans

Green beans with onion and bacon

This dish gets bonus points for being slow cooker-friendly (because no one wants to turn on the stove when it’s 100 degrees outside). Using canned beans and other pantry staples, it preps in 10 minutes and cooks for 4 hours.

Camping Tip: If you prefer to cook this dish over a campfire, try making it in a dutch oven! Otherwise, you can make it ahead of time and just reheat over the fire.

5. Grilled Fajita Veggie Skewers

Vegetable skewers with fajita seasoning

There are plenty of vegetables in season this time of year, so enjoy them and make these colorful veggie skewers. Use packaged fajita seasoning for super simple prep or mix up your own seasoning to taste.

Camping Tip: If you’re cooking for a crowd, skip the skewers and just toss the cut veggies on a cast iron pan over the fire like this blogger.

6. Red, White and Blue (Cheese) Potato Salad

Potato salad with Greek yogurt, blue cheese and bacon bits

This alternative take on the classic recipe swaps the mayo with Greek yogurt and adds crumbled blue cheese and bacon. The result is a totally tasty dish with fewer calories than traditional potato salad and tons of flavor.

Camping Tip: Make sure you’ve got a pot large enough to boil the potatoes if you’re going to make this onsite. For easier prep, use packaged pre-cooked bacon bits.

7. Mini Cheesy Pretzel Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough with cheese

Perfect as an appetizer for your 4th of July party, these cheesy gooey dogs are so delicious, no ketchup or mustard is required.

Camping Tip: To make these over a campfire, grab your roasting forks and use refrigerated crescent roll dough cut into strips to wrap around each dog.

For more Savory Independence Day Recipes, check out our Pinterest board. Happy 4th of July!