Unlock 4×4 Luxury with the Tiffin Cahaba Sprinter Van

2022 Tiffin Cahaba

Tiffin Motorhomes is known for its line of high-quality Class A RVs, but now is venturing into the Class B market with its first-ever 4×4 sprinter van. The Tiffin Cahaba is an especially compact Class B RV. But it packs a lot of punch – perfect for van lifers! The look of the Cahaba has a sleek design with four-wheel drive, aggressive lighting and metal running boards. This sprinter van’s versatility and attention-to-detail makes it one of the best Class B sprinter vans in General RV’s vast inventory.

Volta’s Lithium Power System Keeps the Lights On

Volta Power System

Travel more while consuming less fuel with the Tiffin Cahaba’s lowered carbon footprint. There’s no traditional fuel-powered generator on board. Instead, there’s a Volta power system. This whisper-quiet, four-module lithium-ion system delivers more than 12,000 watt-hours of power. It’s recharged via both shore power and the vehicle’s alternator. That means having all the power necessary to run your high-power amenities like air conditioning all day long.

There’s a compartment in the dashboard that houses USB charging ports and a wireless phone charging station. This sprinter van also has several 12-volt, USB, and 110-volt power outlets throughout the unit. This makes the Cahaba ideal for charging multiple things at one time when you’re out on your camping adventures. It’s also perfect for working remotely, providing reliable power when you need it.

Safety Features Add Style, Security to Sprinter Van

2022 Tiffin Cahaba

You’ll see every twist and turn your journey has to offer with Cahaba’s optional LED exterior light package including a front LED light bar and rear spotlights on each corner. The exterior lights enhance the Cahaba’s rugged appearance, while adding an element of safety and comfort. The powered patio awning with LED lighting and Bluetooth controls will keep you in the shade and out of the elements with ease. An optional screen door package will keep your rear and side door entryways bug-free while they are open.

Every part of the Cahaba is crafted for the rough roads ahead. That includes details like BF Goodrich all-terrain tires on Vision off-road wheels and the rear-door mounted tire carrier with full-size spare. The Cahaba is built on the tried-and-true Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 4×4 chassis with a 3-liter 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The Mercedes-Benz chassis brings reliability and easy operation no matter the driving conditions. Features like attention assist, traffic sign assist, hill start assist, and a parking package with 360° camera will keep your blind spots covered and keep you safe on the road.

With other safety features like Active Brake Assist (ABA), Crosswind Assist, and load-adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and more, you should have no trouble controlling this 4×4 camper van. The cockpit is complete with a 10.25” MBUX touchscreen multimedia system with intelligent navigation and gorgeous black leather adjustable seating. Both black leather cab seats are heated, powered, and adjustable on a swivel base, so you can use them as part of the main living area once you’ve parked. There’s also a desk-type surface behind the front driver’s seat. This makes for a nice place to get some remote work done when on the road in the Cahaba sprinter van.

MOLLE Gear Rack Keeps the Cahaba Organized

2022 Tiffin Cahaba w/ MOLLE gear rack and attached bike rack option.

Prepare for anything but boredom with the Cahaba’s rear door-mounted MOLLE gear rack with attached bike rack option. Wherever you go in this sprinter van, all of your favorite outdoor toys will be along for the ride. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s an organizational grid commonly used on backpacks or vests. The MOLLE panel is the tested and proved method of keeping your equipment organized in any setting. Originally designed for use in the military, MOLLE panels offer far more functionality and organization than simply throwing things into a bag or drawer. Plus, the Cahaba has a roof rack perfect for a cargo carrier and cargo tie-down anchors for securing your extra gear.

Relax in Luxury in the Tiffin Cahaba Sprinter Van

Go anywhere with the Tiffin Cahaba’s off-road capabilities

The Cahaba’s eco-friendly design extends to its heating system. Similar to having no fuel-powered generator onboard, there’s no propane, either. The hydronic heating system operates through electricity or the diesel fuel that moves the vehicle. Cooking, too, is all-electric with a single portable induction cooktop nestled into the camp-side cabinet along with a sink. Corian covers keep everything concealed until ready to use. They also provide countertop space for working or meal prep. The kitchen also includes a stainless steel microwave and 2.3 cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator.

Within the wet bath, there is a retractable shower screen on the 24-inch by 36-inch shower surround with toilet platform. The shower also includes an AquaView Showermiser, a fresh water reclamation system for RVs that prevents wasting clean water while waiting for it to get warm. This system is perfect for boondockers or anyone who wants to extend their travels without relying on hookups.

The bed in the Cahaba has two potential setups. Two benches at the back form two individual twin beds. However, there’s a provision for a “bridge” between the beds allowing you to use the backrests from the sofas to make this one large sleeping area.

Other notable features include:

  • Three 100-watt flexible solar panels
  • Intelligent navigation
  • MBUX multimedia system with 10.25″ touchscreen
  • Smartphone Integration For Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Tray for smartphones with charging ports
  • Rain sensor for windshield wipers
  • Keyless start
  • Attention assist
  • Traffic sign assist
  • Hill start assist
  • Parking package with 360 camera
Front LED light bar illuminates the dark
The Tiffin Cahaba comes in a single floorplan

See the world the way it was meant to be seen: with the Tiffin Motorhomes Cahaba Class B diesel sprinter van! Visit your local General RV Supercenter today to see for yourself just how impressive the Tiffin Cahaba is in person, or visit us at GeneralRV.com to learn more. Still looking for your perfect sprinter van? The RV experts at General RV Center can answer all your questions and provide recommendations based on your unique needs. Also, subscribe to the General RV Blog for more RV reviews and recommendations.