The Best 10 Solar And Lithium Powered Camper Vans

Last Updated on July 5, 2022 by Christina

A Tiffin Cahaba camper van with solar and lithium power driving along a desert road.
Lithium and solar power allows you to explore the roads less traveled.

Lithium power systems with solar panels are becoming a popular power choice for Class B motorhomes. With campgrounds filling up more and more every year, solar and lithium powered RVs give you the ability to boondock! BLM land (public land managed by the federal government), stealth camping and campsites with limited or no hookups are readily available for your camper van adventures. Or, if you’re going to visit family or travel to your second home, having solar and lithium is great for overnight pit stops on the way.

With technology advancing in the RV world every year, solar panels and lithium batteries are a popular option to keep you off the grid longer than traditional power systems or noisy generators. No more worrying about battery life every day or using a loud generator that keeps you up all night. Let solar panels trickle charge to keep your lithium batteries topped off so you can camp off the grid longer. Solar and lithium battery systems also save space and weight in your RV, which is great for these compact homes on wheels.

More RV owners want alternative power options and manufacturers are paying attention. You’ll find many Class B motorhomes with remote power systems installed by the manufacturer at General RV dealerships. Check out the top 10 solar and lithium powered camper vans you can buy right now!

1. Thor Sanctuary 19L and 19P

A Sanctuary camper van boondocking in an open field.
You can pull over at any scenic spot thanks to the solar and lithium power.

Built on the Mercedes Benz sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis, the Thor Sanctuary 19L and 19P are perfect for off grid adventures. The Re(Li)able Power Pack battery system offers a 5,500 watt/400 amp hours lithium battery and a 190 watt solar panel. There is also a 3,000 watt pure sine inverter to power your AC power appliances like your TV, AC unit and more.

The Sanctuary 19L and 19P comes packed amenities that are great for boondocking such as the LED front light bar to help you safely travel to your next boondocking destination at night. The Sanctuary models also have the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/ Digital TV Antenna to make sure you have a reliable connection wherever you go.

2. Entegra Ethos Li 20TL

The Entegra Ethos Li parked at a gas station.
The Ethos Li can take you to the grocery store to off grid with ease.

The Entegra Ethos Li 20TL is built on the RAM Promaster 3500 chassis that is perfect for going off grid. The camper van has a 210 amp hour smart lithium battery that provides 10.08 kilowatt hours of power. The solar system includes 200 watts of solar panels and a slow charge solar panel for the chassis battery. There is also a 3,500 watt inverter for your AC appliances.

The Ethos Li has the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/digital TV antenna to help keep you connected in remote places that have spotty service. The Aqua View Showermi$er water management system is another awesome feature in this camper van. This system allows you to conserve water when you want a hot shower by cycling the water back into the system until it’s hot. This means you’re not wasting fresh water while you wait for it to heat up, which is an amazing benefit while boondocking.

3. Entegra Launch 19Y

The gear garage of the Launch has plenty of storage space for gear.
Easily go off the grid and to your next adventure in the Launch

The Entegra Launch 19Y is the ultimate adventurous diesel camper van. It is built on a lifted Mercedes Benz 4×4 chassis with on-demand four-wheel drive and all-terrain tires for going where other RVs can’t. The camper van’s Renogy lithium battery system boasts 210 amp hours for 10.08 kilowatt-hour stored power and 200 watts of solar panels to keep your system topped off during the day. The Launch also has a 3500 watt inverter and converter.

This camper van is capable of fitting all your gear with ease. The rear bed is on a power lift system with a gear garage below. You can store bikes, kayaks or other large gear with ease. There is also an on board air compressor to fill your tires if the trails take a toll on your gear.

The wet bath of the Launch has the Aqua View Showermi$er system to conserve your water. There are also removable bamboo shelves in the wet bath for extra storage when not in use. The kitchen has a portable induction cooktop so you have more countertop space. Cook inside on rainy or chilly days. Or cook outdoors on the flip-down table when the weather is nicer. Read more about the Entegra Launch here or watch the video below!

4. Tiffin Cahaba 19 SC

Two women unload their climbing gear from the back of the Cahaba.
The Cahaba 19 SC is capable of any adventure.

The Cahaba 19 SC by Tiffin is a great diesel option for boondocking. The camper van is built on the Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter chassis and comes in a 4×4 option for adventurous RVers. The Volta Lithium power system packs a punch with its automotive-grade lithium-ion. The Volta system gives 12,100 watt-hours of power and has three 100 watt solar panels. There is also a 3,200 watt inverter for your AC appliances that is more than sufficient for your essentials when off the grid.

When traveling to your destination late at night, you’ll feel at ease with the LED lights package that has front lights, rear lights and corner spot lights. Store your bigger gear with the luggage rack and rear door MOLLE rack that has an attached bike rack. To read more about the Cahaba 19 SC, click here!

5. Coachmen Galleria Li3

A front to rear interior shot of the Galleria Li3.
Luxurious boondocking experiences await in the Galleria Li3.

The Galleria Li3 by Coachmen is built on the Mercedes diesel chassis and offers a luxurious boondocking experience. The lithium system has 630 amp hours and three 110 watt solar panels to keep your batteries charged longer. The Galleria Li3 models also have the option for 4×4 to get you off the beaten path and back with confidence.

All the models of the Coachmen Galleria Li3 have a 27 gallon fresh water tank so you have plenty of water for your adventures. The wet bath also has the Showermi$er system to prevent unnecessary water waste in the shower. For adventures with unreliable internet connection, the SkyPro by Wi-FiRanger is a great feature to keep you connected.

6. Winnebago Revel

An aerial shot of the Revel to showcase the solar panels.
The Revel by Winnebago has solar to keep you going off the grid.

The Revel by Winnebago was specifically designed for outdoor adventurers. This 4×4 camper van is built on the Mercedes Benz chassis. The lithium battery system consists of two 125 amp hour LiFEpo4 batteries with over 200 watts of solar power. There is also a 2,000 watt inverter for your AC appliances.

An awesome feature of the Revel for adventurous boondockers is the power lift bed with a gear garage below. You can easily store your large gear with the six removable cargo tie-down anchors. You can also use the roof rack for any bigger equipment as well.

7. Winnebago Boldt

A roof shot of the Boldt to show the solar panels.
The Boldt is equipped for any off-grid adventure.

Inspired by the German explorer Alexander Von Humboldt, the Winnebago Boldt offers amazing features to explore off the beaten path. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, this camper van is capable of all season camping thanks to state-of-the-art insulation, in-coach water lines and the Truma Combi Eco Plus heating system. There is also optional on demand 4WD with low range, electronic stability and traction control.

The Boldt features the Pure3 Advanced Energy system that has 12,000 watt hours and two 115 watt solar panels. This camper van has the MyVolta Bluetooth app that monitors your estimated run time, charging status, power usage and more for your peace of mind. The cab has a Wi-Fi hotspot in the MBUX Touchscreen Multimedia Infotainment Center with navigation so you can stay connected wherever your adventure takes you.

8. Winnebago Travato 59GL and 59KL

A boondocking couple enjoying the sunny day.
Unplug and unwind wherever your adventure takes you.

The Travato by Winnebago offers two models with lithium and solar power. Both the 59GL and 59KL have the Pure3 Advanced Energy system that has 9,000 watt-hours of power and 215 watt solar panels. There are also plugs for additional solar panels on the roof so you can keep off the grid longer! The lithium power system has a Bluetooth control module so you will always know how much power you have in your RV.

The Travato 59GL and 59KL can handle most weather with the roof and sidewall insulation, heated tanks and dual pane acrylic insulated windows. The camper van also has the Eco-Hot water system that cuts water waste by heating the water almost instantly.

9. Grech Terreno-ion Tour and Lounge

The Terreno-Ion boondocking in the desert.
Setting up basecamp is a breeze with the Terreno-Ion.

The Terreno-ion Tour and Lounge manage to fit luxury and off grid capabilities into one camper van. The Tour and Lounge floorplans have the Lithionics lithium battery system that provides 1,260 amp hours for 16,128 watt hours of power. With this system, Grech boasts that the AC will run for up to 10 hours on battery power alone! The Zamp Solar system with a dual charger provides 300 watts of solar power and a 3,000 watt inverter.

The Terreno-ion is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500DX chassis with air suspension for a smooth and luxurious ride. You also don’t need to worry about propane usage with the Terreno-ion! This camper van features the Timberline diesel fuel fired heating system that allows for continuous hot water and heat for those chilly camping nights. Watch video below to learn more about the Terreno-ion.

10. Grech Turismo-Ion

A rear to front photo of the interior of the Turismo-Ion.
Relax off the grid in style with the Turismo-Ion.

The Turismo-Ion from Grech RV is another luxurious boondocking camper van. The Turismo-ion is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis and comes in 2×4 and 4×4! The Lithionics battery system has 1,260 amp hours for over 16,128 watt hours of power. The power system comes with the Zamp solar system that has 200 watts of solar power and dual charger. There is also a 3,000 watt inverter for your AC appliances.

A great benefit of this camper van is that you do not have to worry about propane. The hot water and heating system runs off the diesel powered Timberline system. The kitchen has a dual burner induction cooktop and also features a combo microwave/convection/air fryer so you can easily cook meals with one appliance!

Visit your local General RV Supercenter or visit to see these impressive solar and lithium powered RVs. Still looking for your perfect camper van? Check out our other great Class B motorhomes!