RV Guide | Common RV Misconceptions

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Christina

There are a lot of misconceptions about RVs and the RV lifestyle.  We’d like to take this opportunity to debunk some of the common myths about recreational vehicles.  Check out these 10 RV misconceptions.


  • Model Numbers Indicate the Length of the RV. False 90% of the time this is not true. Although some brands have done this, the majority have not.
  • If I have an SUV I can basically tow anything. False. each vehicle has a tow rating, and if you tow beyond your max tow rating, you are putting yourself, and other travelers at risk. SUV’s will not tow many fifth wheels, nor will they tow some travel trailers.
  • If I buy a “4 Seasons” camper. I can camp and stay warm all winter long. False. There is no such thing as a true year round RV in climates that routinely spend multiple days below freezing. Even with added insulation in many models, they will still be very cold inside during extended periods of freezing temperatures. Water lines may also be at risk of breaking and damaging the RV. We like to think of these types of RV’s as “extended season” campers, not truly winter campers.
  • Only Units with a “Polar Package” have added insulation and can be used for “extended season” camping in colder climates. This is also false. All RV’s have some form of insulation in them. Many of them, even without polar packages have very comparable levels of insulation, and are able to be used during “extended season” camping.
  • Generators with very few hours on them are an added value when buying used. Wrong! Not using generators for prolonged periods of time actually causes them to wear out more quickly.
  • I don’t want a motorhome…the gas mileage is poor. Gas mileage in today’s motorhomes is much better than people think. There has been a lot advancement in recent years that has equated to better mileage.
  • If I buy a large enough Motorhome or Trailer, then I will have to get a special license like a CDL. This is untrue, no motorhome or trailer that we sell requires any form of special driver’s license.
  • If an RV is not branded as an ultra-light then it is not very light. This is simply not true. In fact, many models that are not “ultra-lite” models are just as lightweight as their “ultra-lite” competitors.
  • My truck has factory installed sway control. I don’t need any added sway control or stabilizers. This is absolutely false and dangerous. While your factory installed sway control on your truck may insure that your truck does not sway, it certainly will not make certain that your trailer doesn’t.
  • I don’t need to store, or cover my RV in the winter/snowy months. While there may be few short term effects of not covering your RV, long term damage can be accelerated by moisture and cold. We do recommend storage, but at the least covering your RV (especially the roof) during snowy months can ensure that your RV lasts longer).

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