Passport 3220BH Walk-Around

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dan Crowder and I welcome you to General RV Center. General RV Center is the nation’s largest family owned RV dealer. We have over 3000 RVs in stock. We have 11 superstores in 5 different states. Today we’re going to talk about this Passport Ultra-Lite Grand Touring Edition manufactured by Keystone RV. It’s model number is 3220BH. There is only one word to describe the Grand Touring Edition, and that is AMAZING! It has all the features and benefits of a full-sized travel trailer and is made to be pulled by SUVs and half-ton vehicles. So why don’t you say we take a closer look at this Passport 3220BH Grand Touring Edition, follow me.
Starting out at the front of this Passport 3220BH travel trailer, I’d like to first point out the vinyl graphics. All the vinyl graphics on this travel trailer has UV inhibitors in them and anti-cracking agents. So over time we shouldn’t see any fading or cracking of the vinyl graphics. By the way, the adhesives today are much more aggressive so they’re not going to peel. Also on the front we have this diamond shield, this diamond shield is put on here so if your truck or somebody else throws up a rock, it’s not going to crack the fiberglass. We have a spot right here for your battery, there’s actually enough space to put two house batteries right here. Your travel does come with one battery, you can buy a second auxiliary battery and we can tie it in. We have two 20lb propane tanks which have an automatic switch over and a nice resin cover that goes over the tanks to keep from getting dirty. The front of this trailer does have a manual tongue jack; however, if you wish you can purchase a power tongue jack from our parts department and our technician will install it for you. Now, let’s go look at the patio side of this travel trailer.
This Passport 3220BH Grand Touring travel trailer is constructed with aluminum studs and pigmented fiberglass. The pigmented fiberglass allows us to put some color into the coach and not have that white trailer like we use to have in the past. These materials in construction are what help make this an ‘ultra-lite’ travel trailer for easier towing purposes. In the front we have a nice pass-through bin that’s nicely finished off with flooring. As we move along the side, it also has two patio awnings on it and both patio awnings have the ability of tilting. So what this will do is if it’s raining, it will allow the rain water to come down to one corner and drip off rather than having a waterfall coming off the front of the awning.

Our entrance door has three steps; the reason there’s three steps here is that it allows for an easier step up on the first step rather than taking that really big step. We also have a Lend-A-Handle here, which helps getting in the coach a little bit easier. All of the windows on this travel trailer are nicely tinted, this tinting is going to help keep the heat out and it cooler inside the trailer itself. This is our 6 gallon gas or electric DSI hot water heater. This is our furnace. This is our refrigerator vent. We also have two 110 plugs on the outside of the camper. The whole camper is built on load equalization axles; this is going to create easier towing and prevent swaying.

This door is an entrance door to our bathroom. That way if the kids are playing outside and they’re a little dirty or muddy, they can go right into the bathroom and they’re not tracking all that dirt and mud through the camper itself. They can just zip in and zip out. It also has a three step entrance. Look at this beautiful outside kitchen, equip with two burners, a sink and a small refrigerator. It also has two little side counter tops that come out to give you more counter space itself. Now, why don’t you say we go around to the other side of the camper and I’ll show you the utility parts.
Located right here, just on the outer edge of our frame is our dump station. This is where we’re going to dump our grey and black tanks. Speaking of tanks, just in case you are camping in cold weather, the Grand Touring Edition is built with a sealed underbelly. So as long as your furnace is on, it’s blowing forced air down into that underbelly so your grey and black tank will not freeze up on you. Look at these two huge, deep slide rooms that are on the off patio side of this camper. This gives you more patio flooring space while not taking up any of that space at all. Again, our beautifully tinted windows. Right over here is our utility shower, it has hold and cold running water on it, so this can be your outside shower. Rinse the kids off, rinse some toys off, do whatever you wish. This is our city water connection, once you’re hooked up to city water, this is going to bypass your freshwater tank so you’re not using any of that freshwater tank water. And this is where we fill our fresh water tank. And again, this is the other side of this huge pass-through storage at the front of the trailer. Now let’s go inside this beautiful Passport 3220BH travel trailer.
Welcome to the interior of this 2016 Keystone Passport 3220BH Ultra-Lite Grand Touring Edition travel trailer. As I enter into the coach, I want to point out our entertainment center. We have nice storage above the TV, this is a 32” flatscreen Sansui TV. Just below the TV is our radio, there is your stereo, DVD and CD player all-in-one. It has three speaker buttons because we have interior speakers and we also have exterior speakers. So by pushing those buttons, we can have the speakers inside or outside or BOTH, all playing at the same time. Right next to our stereo is our control panel, this is going to control everything in a coach. It controls your two slides, it has a porch light, ceiling light, your hot water heater, you can flip it either gas or electric. By the way, when you’re showering, turn them both on, your gas and electric water heater because your water will stay hotter longer and recover quicker. Then we also have our water pump here, we have our power awning switch right here to put our power awning out. And also, we can monitor all of our tanks: our grey, black, freshwater – we’ll be able be to monitor how empty or how full these tanks are. So that’s your control panel all in one spot. Now, why don’t you follow me to the master bedroom?
Welcome to the inside of the master bedroom. We can enter the master bedroom in two different directions: one to the left side of the bed and one to the right side of the bed. And then we have nice wooden pocket doors to close off the bedroom. We don’t have curtains or fan-folding doors, these are true pocket doors; and behind the pocket doors is a location for a TV. So if you want to put a TV in the bedroom, you can do that! We have nice storage above our bed; we have a nice light underneath the cupboards. We have two wardrobe clothes, one to the left and one to the right of the bed. We have a queen sized bed; we also have storage under the bed so we can store some things. Also located in the master bedroom on the ceiling, we have another light, we have an air conditioning duct and we have our handle crank for our TV antenna. That’s our master bedroom.
Welcome to our living room / dining room quarters of this Passport 3220BH travel trailer. Look at this super slide, that’s exactly what we call it because it is 12’9” long by 36” deep. Located inside our super slide is a nice leather couch. This a jack-knife couch so it’s going to lay down flat so we can use it as a bed also. Right next to the couch is what we called our u-shaped booth dinette. This u-shaped booth dinette has a lot of nice features to it.

Number one, you can take this table top off of this post, rest it on this ledge and use your filler cushions and it’ll become a bed. Also, it has tremendous storage underneath the bench itself. If you like to play cards, you can put a chair right here so you can sit directly across from your partner when playing cards. Where as in a standard booth, you’re kind of sitting next to people who might want to cheat and look over your shoulders to see what kind of cards you have. Also, two big huge windows located inside this super slide that is going to give you a lot of natural light. Now let’s take a look at the galley.
This is the galley. Not exactly associated with the galley, but I do want to point out the location of your thermostat. This is where we’re going to control our heating and cooling, just like at home. By the way, our cooling air condition is ducted air so that is like central air in your house. Down here is our fuse panel, that’s where we have our circuit breaker and 12V fuses. Now within the galley itself, we have this beautiful pantry. There are four shelves in here, there is also a hanging bar so if you want to use this as a wardrobe closet, you can take the shelves out and use it as such. This is our refrigerator and our freezer and by the way, our refrigerator/freezer is either gas or electric, it does have an auto-phase on it and this is probably where you’re going to keep it all the time because it’s going to automatically know what it needs to do. So when you’re traveling down the road, it’s going to stay cold off of propane tanks. Once you get to your campground and you plug in, it’s going to automatically switch over to 110V power for you.

We have a microwave above our stove, this is a nice vented that has a light and a fan on it to get all the odors out of the coach while you’re cooking on your three burner stove top. We do have direct ignition lite so we don’t have to use a match or anything to lite our burners and we do have an oven and a broiler underneath the oven for a matter of fact. Nice counter space, we have a two basin with sink covers. These sink covers are going to give us extra counter space, the two basins we can wash in one side and rinse in the other. Very nice faucet, beautiful window above the counter itself and also storage above the sink. We also have storage below the sink in two sections. In this section, we have really nice drawers that open up and pull out. That is our galley.
I am now standing inside our all-inclusive bathroom. If you remember earlier in my presentation, I talked about a door entering into the bathroom directly from outside. This is our door, so if the kids have to use the bathroom they can jump right in here, use the bathroom and be back right outside playing again without having to walk all the through the camper. This is our toilet, directly across from the toilet is our sink and below our sink we have a nice storage closet. To the right of the sink is a GFI outlet and above the sink is a medicine cabinet with a nice mirror on it. To the left of the medicine cabinet is our shower and our shower has a little tub in it so if you have little ones and you want to give them a bath, you can give them a bath. That’s our all-inclusive bathroom.
I am now standing in our bunkroom, this is where the kids can play and sleep. Notice all this vast floor space for the kids to play. It will also, by the way, sleep five people back here. Over here we have a nice little couch where the kids can sit down, play there videogames, read books, do whatever. We also have a bunk bed up, above these two couches, that fold down. Now what happens is these two cushions are going to fold out so two more people can sleep right here. Directly across from it we have two more bunk beds, top and bottom, and they each have a light above them. Right here is nice little storage closet, with nice drawers in it, just like in the kitchen. On this counter top right here, there is a little hole in the top of it; so if you want to put a TV back here for the kids, you can do it just drop your power cords through here and plug them inside this cabinet right here.

We have a nice window right at the end of the coach for a nice natural light and we have two more windows, one by each bunk bed on this side of the coach. That’s our bunk bedroom.
We hope you enjoyed our presentation of this 2016 Passport 3220 BH Grand Touring Edition Ulta-Lite travel trailer manufactured by Keystone RV. We are General RV Center. We are the nation’s largest family owned RV dealer. We have 11 super stores in 5 different states. We have over 3000 RVs in stock. We have a multimillion dollar parts inventory. So come on it and see us. When you are in one of our superstores, let one of our professional sales consultants help you find the RV of your dreams. Maybe it’s this Passport 3220BH travel trailer, maybe it’s a different travel trailer, maybe it’s a 5th wheel, a pop-up, a Class A motorhome or even a Class C motorhome. And when you are in one of our super centers visit with our business department and let them help you with your RV financing, specialized RV insurance and extended service contracts. So come on in and see us or visit us at our website or give us a call at 888-436-7578. That website again is . We’re General RV, “We’re family, serving family, we’re here for your family traveling fun. We’re General RV.