Introducing RV Renovation with the Flipping Nomad & General RV

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"The Flipping Nomad" Cortni Armstrong with the 2021 Keystone RV Ultimate Montana concept RV
“The Flipping Nomad” Cortni Armstrong with the 2021 Keystone RV Ultimate Montana concept RV

When you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, sometimes you just have to make it yourself. That’s how Cortni Armstrong was able to create her dream RV and fall in love with the lifestyle in the process. She’s taken that passion of RV renovation and transformed it into a successful business known as the Flipping Nomad. General RV has teamed up with Cortni to bring her educational DIY seminars to the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow in January.

From Impoverished to Impassioned: Flipping Nomad’s Humble RV Restoration Journey

Cortni credits RVing with transforming her life in ways she could have never imagined. In fact, Cortni became an RVer during what she considers one of the darkest periods of her life. After graduating from college, Cortni discovered success wouldn’t come as easy for her as it did for her peers. In 2014, her father suffered a stroke, forcing Cortni to take over his two businesses. Neither one was successful enough to turn a profit. At the same time, she was trying to find a new place to live after her lease expired. A family friend that manages a KOA campground informed her of a fifth wheel for sale. He also offered her a job managing the front desk in exchange for the site expenses. Despite having zero knowledge of RVs, or that people actually live in them, she took him up on the offer.

After several months of adjusting and fully immersing herself into the lifestyle, Cortni decided to buy another fifth wheel the following year. After researching countless floorplans for months, she discovered her dream RV simply didn’t exist. Instead, she purchased an older fifth wheel and decided to remodel it herself. After completing what she considered to be a modest remodel, Cortni eventually made the life-changing decision to renovate RVs and sell them for profit. That’s when the Flipping Nomad was born.

After seeing how much Cortni was loving her new RV lifestyle, her mother, Patti, partnered with her daughter to help renovate RVs for customers. What started as a small business with an RV renovation here and there has exploded into a blossoming company with a waiting list hundreds of customers long.

Flipping Nomad Develops a Trusted RV Design Process

Cortni Armstrong

The Flipping Nomad rarely customizes an RV to a customer’s desire. Instead, Cortni purchases an RV on her own, and then designs it herself. She says this allows the renovations to be completed quicker and more efficiently. This means the majority of her customers buy one of her RVs sight unseen.

Cortni believes her customers have faith in her work because of her trusted process. Before she purchases an RV to remodel, she does a full inspection. That means climbing onto the roof and crawling under the RV to check for water damage. She makes sure everything is working properly on the RV. She then performs a second, more in-depth inspection after purchasing the RV. Once she is confident that the RV is safe and functional, Cortni begins her redesign process.

Expertly Designed Luxury Homes On Wheels

2021 Keystone RV Ultimate Montana concept RV
2021 Keystone RV Ultimate Montana concept RV

From start to finish, a typical RV renovation takes roughly six to eight weeks for Cortni and Patti to complete. After business began to thrive, the Flipping Nomad partnered with Keystone RV to create the 2021 Ultimate Montana concept RV. Packed with high-end features never seen before in the industry, the multi-million-dollar luxury fifth wheel includes a clawfoot tub, high-definition projector TV and three ultrasonic water vapor fireplaces.

State-of-the-art appliances and features provide the feel and comfort of a modern home. Cortni nows calls this luxury fifth wheel her home, driving the Ultimate Montana around the country to display it at conventions and festivals to show people how RV living can be just as luxurious as a traditional home. The Ultimate Montana is just one of many examples of their high-end design work. The Flipping Nomad has renovated several other Montana fifth wheels into modern tiny homes, as well. However, Cortni’s customers are getting more than just a renovated RV. All new RVers are provided with a how-to course on how to safely operate everything in their new RV. Even if you don’t purchase an RV, the Flipping Nomad offers one-on-one coaching on the RV lifestyle and RV renovation tips for newbies.

2021 Keystone RV Ultimate Montana concept RV
One of three fireplaces within the Ultimate Montana
Vast kitchen with bar-style seating leads to raised living area
Designer kitchen with residential appliances and tile backsplash
Cozy king bed with abundant storage and third fireplace
Outdoor entertainment with TV, kegerator and retractable table
Spacious living area

Projector TV underneath fireplace

Flipping Nomad Joins General RV at Florida RV SuperShow

Many of Cortni’s RV renovation and lifestyle tips will be on display at the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow. General RV is hosting Cortni and the Flipping Nomad during the show in Tampa, Fla. Cortni will be providing live seminars at the General RV display area. The seminars will take RVers through a progression of easy, simple and cheap ways to update, renovate and simply improve their RVs. That includes decorative changes like pillows, rugs, bedding and hardware, as well as more entailed updates like furniture, painting, refreshing cabinetry and flooring.

“Where you buy your RV is just as important as what you buy, which is why I’m so excited to join General RV at the Florida RV SuperShow,” said Cortni Armstrong. “Together, not only are we going to help people get into their perfect RVs, but show them how they can add custom touches to make it their own.”

The seminars will be approximately one-hour long beginning each day at 11:00 a.m. during the following days:

  • Thursday, January 19
  • Friday, January 20
  • Saturday, January 21

The Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) will host the 38th annual 2023 Florida RV SuperShow, Tuesday, Jan. 17 through Sunday, Jan. 22 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Fla. The 2023 SuperShow will have representation from every major RV manufacturer as well as hundreds of accessory booths and exhibitors.

Admission to the SuperShow is $15 for adults and includes a second day admission for the cost of one day and children under 16 are free. The SuperShow hours are 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Wednesday – Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sunday. Wednesday-Friday are Senior Citizens Days with seniors receiving $2 off the cost of admission (not valid with other discounts).