General RV Blog: Boondocking Catching On In RV Community

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Christina


There is a trend that is begining to “catch on” in the RV community. It’s called “Boondocking” So, what exactly is it? Well, the term originated in the early years of the 20th century, as those in the military whom were serving in the Philippines coined the term from the word “Bundog” which meant mountain. These servicemen started using the term “boondock” when refering to remote, rural wilderness. Upon coming home to America, they began using a slang version of the word “boonies”

So where does the RV community fit in all of this talk? RVers have begun to use the term when refering to remote camping in rural areas (usually without hookups to electricity or water) Some RVers have really begun to enjoy the privacy that boondocking ensures. You certainly don’t have a neighbor 5 feet to your left, and you can really enjoy the wilderness and all of it’s beauty. The places to Boondock are truly limitless for the RVer. Boondocking can take you anywhere from a remote beach, to a National Park, or other vast swatches of public land in mountainous areas. You really have very few limitations as an RVer. Just make sure you have enough water, and enough petro in the generator to last long enough to return to civilization…that is if you ever want to.

Here is a nice tool for finding boondocking locations across North America.

-Happy Camping-