Tips From General RV: 5 Essential Apps For Camping

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by Christina

Nearly everyone today has a smartphone. It’s a necessity for those who love having several options to keep connected with friends and family. These handy gadgets, however, are also a priceless resource that can be used to plan trips, get access to important information, and increase your overall efficiency while traveling.

Here’s a list of 5 essential apps every RVer should have:

America’s State Parks Pocket Ranger | Currently being developed for iPhone and Android, this app provides you with maps, satellite imagery, allows you to search parks by interests, view pictures of each park’s facilities, and even stores maps so you can navigate offline or when you phone’s signal is limited. When you purchase this app a portion of your purchase androidgoes toward the preservation and care of America’s state parks. If you don’t want to wait on this app try downloading a state park app that is specific to the state you’re planning on visiting. Many states, including Florida and California, have their own apps that are already out.

All Recipes’ Dinner Spinner | This app was created by, the popular recipe site where users can post their favorite recipes and review recipes posted by others. It features a wheel that you spin on ingredients you have and then generates recipes that are easy to make based off of what you currently have at home. If you find yourself tired after a long day of traveling and resorting to eating at fast food joints, you’ll love how this app allows you to quickly whip up a delicious meal without putting too much thought into it.

Around Me | This app allows you to easily find points of interest around you including hospitals, banks, and gas stations. It’s the perfect app for those who don’t want to bother downloading multiple apps to locate specific stores or facilities.

The North Face Trailhead App | If you’re a hiker who is constantly looking for new routes you’ll love the North Face Trailhead App. It lets you to search over 300,000 biking and hiking trails according to trail length and activity length, and even tracks your activity using a real time GPS.

AccuWeather | Whether you’re traveling to a local state park or to an entirely new state, you know how fickle weather can be. The AccuWeather app allows you to track weather on a granular level and reports on what’s happening at your exact location (down to your street address). It also is the only app that provides a minute by minute report on weather conditions and makes planning your activities according to the weather much easier.

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