Good, Healthy Fun: The Benefits of Camping

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Christina

Camping is our favorite way to experience the outdoors any time of year. And, as the weather warms up, we get more anxious to get outside and enjoy every moment. And it isn’t just fun, it’s good for you, too. Whether you’re spending quality time with others or unplugging from technology for a little while, camping offers several benefits! Here are just a few reasons why you should take a trip this season.

One of the benefits of camping? Spectacular views like this one of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Shenandoah National Park
One of the benefits of camping? Spectacular views like this one of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Shenandoah National Park.

Explore nature

First, let’s talk about an obvious benefit of camping – the chance to explore. Make time to take in all the beauty of nature that surrounds us. You’ll be left staring in awe at the incredible size of the Grand Canyon, the gorgeous colors of the Blue Ridge Mountains, star-filled skies over Arches National Park, and other natural wonders. There are more than 130 national parks and over 10,000 campsites in the United States, so there will always be somewhere new waiting to be discovered. Beaches, deserts, mountains, woods, and hundreds of places in between are yours to explore when you’re camping. Get away for a weekend or plan a longer road trip and make memories along the way. 

Improve your health

Numerous studies show that passing time outside – like when camping – provides many health benefits. Just breathing in oxygen-rich fresh air can provide relief from daily stresses. Plus, activities like biking, hiking, and swimming are all great ways to release endorphins. Even walking around the campground and setting up your tent or RV helps burn calories! Furthermore, there’s proof that sleeping under the stars and waking up to a sunrise can help reset the body’s circadian rhythms so you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Getting outdoors and moving around is great for your body. Whether you're setting up your campsite or hiking, you'll get some real health benefits from camping.
Getting outdoors and moving around is great for your body. Whether you’re setting up your campsite or hiking, you’ll get some real health benefits from camping.

Connect with others

Making memories together through shared experiences is the foundation for life-long relationships. Camping provides plenty of opportunities for that to happen. Plan a trip to get closer to your significant other or family. Begin by taking a hike or canoe paddle. Then, take turns telling stories around a campfire. Finish the day by watching the sunset together. Every moment shared is one to be treasured later. Of course, your camping trips don’t have to be long to yield the same benefits. You can pack up the whole family for a short spring break camping trip. Or send the kids to visit grandpa and grandma in their RV for a couple weeks in the summer. Whatever your camping style, there are many ways to share the outdoor experience with others.

Unplug from technology

When it’s time to take a break and recharge yourself, camping offers the perfect opportunity to take a digital detox. Most of us don’t realize how much time we spend on our phones, tablets, and other digital devices. For this reason, you might be surprised how much calmer and happier you feel without the constant distraction of technology. Instead, bring along a book to read or a journal to write in for some screen-free relaxation between your outdoor adventures.

Travel more affordably

Another benefit of camping is that it’s one of the most affordable ways to travel. Daily rates for most campsites are a fraction of the cost of a hotel room; with so many RV options available, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and budget. For example, there are numerous lightweight towable units that can be towed behind SUVs, and motorized RVs are becoming more fuel-efficient to help stretch those dollars. Plus, with a kitchen at your disposal, you can make healthy, inexpensive meals wherever you go.

A woman cooks eggs in a pan over an RV cooktop. Making healthy meals affordably and avoiding eating fast food is a benefit of camping in an RV.
You can make healthy meals affordably and avoid eating fast food every day when you’re camping in an RV.

Bring the whole family along

RV camping is one of the best kid- and pet-friendly ways to travel because you’ve got all the conveniences of home on the road. The kids can have their own bunk beds in an RV, and ordinary tasks like making dinner become a family-activity around a campfire. In addition, lots of campgrounds have playgrounds and amenities just for little ones. And, you can even bring your furry best friend along for adventures! Some RVs are designed with features to make traveling with pets easier – like leash tie downs, pet beds, and dedicated drawers for their food and water dishes.   

Create your own tradition

Lastly, camping is a tradition that can be passed down from generation to generation. Both my husband and I grew up camping with our families. His grandparents owned a travel trailer, and they would spend summers together at the beach. My family had a pop-up camper that we towed behind our mini-van and used for trips to the Ozarks and other Midwest vacation spots. Because we fondly recall those childhood experiences, we’re planning to purchase an RV when we start a family. We hope to share that tradition with our children. 

A father and his daughters roast marshmallows over a campfire Spending time together, making memories, and creating your own traditions - these are just a few of the benefits of camping!
Spending time together, making memories, and creating your own traditions – these are just a few of the benefits of camping!

Pack your sleeping bags and go

So what are you waiting for? Plan your own adventure and experience the benefits of camping for yourself. Before you leave home, research the location of parks or sites you’d like to visit. The National Park Service and offer plenty of advice for campers. And, finally, don’t forget to bookmark for destination ideas, helpful tips, easy recipes, and more. Now, get out there and enjoy some of the benefits of camping!