General RV Features: Starcraft AR-ONE MAXX Fifth Wheel Camper

Last Updated on September 22, 2021 by Christina

Video Transcript:

Have you been searching for a lightweight fifth wheel that you can tow with your late model, half-ton pickup? Well look no further.

Hi everyone, I’m David Raschke with General RV Center. Today we’re going to take a look at the 2017 AR ONE MAXX 25RLS. You know these ultra lightweight fifth wheels are the latest addition to Starcraft’s line up. They’re generously equipped and beautifully designed. They pair comfort and affordability with Starcraft’s industry leading two year warranty program.

You know Starcraft’s AR ONE MAXX 25RLS only weights seventy-two hundred pounds. It offers an aero dynamic fiberglass front cap, black front diamond plate, LED landing lights for when you arrive to your destination late at night, but also offers front storage and a battery compartment.

Well let’s go take a look at the patio side. The 25RLS offers dark tinted safety glass windows. You’ll also find your first thirty pound LP canister here. You’ll find a seventeen foot power awning with LED light bar. This coach is also equipped with solar power capability, large pass through storage. You’ll find a three step entry, and a nineteen inch handle makes getting in and out of this coach so much easier. It offers aluminum rims, never have to pain them, galvanized wheel wells, two exterior marine-grade stereo speakers, AC outlet, fresh water fill up and additional storage in the back with two stabilizer jacks.

What you’ll find at the back of the coach, is it’s equipped with an exterior gas barbecue grill setup. You’ll also find your four inch gutter extensions because I always say the water should always be on the ground, not on the side of your coach. You’ll also find your spare tire, but look at this. This is also equipped with a complete tow package that will give you up to three thousand pounds of towing capability. It’s also prepped for a wireless backup camera, and here’s your ladder that’s going to take you up on that roof to do your annual inspections on that rubber roof.

What I’d like to share with you now, is this coach offers a climate package. What that means to you is, it’s an extension of your camping season with an insulated, heated, enclosed underbelly. Really nice. Also too, it offers a large dinette slide with one window on each side. Over here, you’re going to find your valves for dumping your black water, as well as your gray water. This is your thirty amp power supply. Here’s an input for cable television for those parks that do provide that service to you. Of course, my favorite, which is the black tank flush. This is your city water connection, an exterior shower. Again, your pass through storage, and the last compartment, which is, your second thirty pound LP canister. Now, are you guys ready for this? Want to see the inside? Come on, let’s go.

Well, welcome to the interior of the 25RLS. Conveniently located to my left, is your monitoring station that will always tell you the status of how much fresh water you have on board, as well as how much is in the black tank, gray tank, and how much power is left in your battery. Also too, are you light switches, your retract for your power awning and your in and out for your power slide.

To my right, you’ll find your thermostat that always controls the temperature in your coach. I want to show you something that’s really, really cool. It’s a place to sit. Let’s just say for instance, you came back from the beach and your feet are all filled with sand, at least you have a place you can sit, or unfortunately if it’s raining, you can have a place to take off those muddy shoes.

Let’s go take a look at the bedroom. As you enter the bedroom area, to your right you’ll find a large wardrobe with plenty of space to put all your clothes plus a dresser drawer with lots and lots of storage. Look at how big these things are. It’s unbelievable. Plus, you’ll always will have additional storage underneath the main bed with gas shocks to hold it up. You’ll also have plenty of storage, one on each side, plus up above and night stands with drawers. That is pretty cool in a coach of this size. Not only that, they also give you the opportunity to hang a second television.

Let’s go take a look at the bathroom. Well the bathroom has a lot to offer as well. You’ll find a porcelain commode that is easily flushed with your foot. You have a large vanity with … Look at the size of this counter top. This is nice. You can put all your jewelry down there, your watch, all that good stuff, and a medicine cabinet. I also want to show you this over here. This is a tri-fold shower door. The reason I mention a tri-fold is when you get out, there’s not water all over the floor and you don’t have to wipe anything up. Also too, whenever you’re in transit, always secure this door for it doesn’t move.

Let’s go take a look at the dinette. While we’re on our way to the dinette area, I’d like to first and highlight the entertainment portion of this coach. You’ll find here, a stereo system with CD, DVD player and USB, but not only that, your hook ups for your coax as well as your power, and an area to mount your television. I can’t stress the importance of this, again, storage below, storage above. Starcraft has hit a major home-run, utilizing every little bit of space for your convenience.

Over here is your dinette that will always break down for sleeping arrangements, but you also have, again, additional storage. They finish this off with beautiful valances, pleated shades and a decorative lamp with more storage above. Come on, let’s walk across and take a look at the galley. Well the galley offers a large eight cubic foot refrigerator, not your standard six. Very, very impressive. It also provides you with a microwave oven, range hood with fan, three burner stove. You have an oven. Look at all this counter top space. Phenomenal. A double basin sink, high rise faucet. Look at his decorative back splash. Very, very impressive. Again, lots and lots of drawer space, easily opened on ball bearing guides.

Throughout this coach, you’re going to find LED lighting as well as all your air conditioning is ducted. Let’s take a look at the very back. Look at his beautiful tri-fold sofa sleeper. Well I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our interior portion of the 25RLS.

Well I hope you enjoyed our presentation of Starcraft’s 2017 AR ONE MAXX 25RLS fifth wheel. We are General RV Center, the nation’s largest family-owned RV dealer with the eleven super stores in five states, over thirty-five hundred RV’s to choose from, a multi-million parts inventory, and an award winning service department. Stop on in to any one of our eleven superstores or visit us on the web at or give us a call at 888-436-7578. I’m David Raschke. Thanks for watching and happy camping.