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RV Rentals Made Easy Video

Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rent for less than a week in June, July or August?

    Unfortunately, we stick to our 1 week minimum policy during peak months. The only time we stray away from that policy is if there happens to be a gap in our schedule that may accommodate a weekend rental.
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  • What constitutes a week / weekend rental?

    A week rental is seven nights.

    So for example: Monday - Monday, Tuesday - Tuesday, and so on. We allow rentals to go out every day of the week except for Sundays and holidays since we are closed.

    A weekend rental is three nights.
    A weekend rental is Friday - Monday.

    *RV's are due back by 10 am.
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  • Can I add extra days to my rental?

    You sure can add extra days! That is why we have daily rates listed. You can add as many days as you like to your rental to accommodate your travel plans.
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  • Can I drop off an RV if the store is closed?

    Every now and then we do get the request for an after hour or Sunday drop off, which we do allow (Motorhomes ONLY); however, you will be required to sign a waiver form that holds you accountable for any damage that happens to the RV between the time you dropped the RV off and the time we check the vehicle in.
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  • When can I pick up the RV?

    We do every delivery by appointment only. The following appointment times are available (which are on a first reserve - first serve basis):
    Monday (1:15pm, 2:00pm, 2:45pm, 3:30pm, and 4:15pm)
    Tuesday - Friday (10:00am, 10:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm, 2:00pm, 2:45pm, 3:30pm, and 4:15pm)
    Saturday (10:00am, 10:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm, 2:00pm, 2:45pm)

    It is advised that you reserve a time slot when you reserve the RV or risk getting stuck with the last appointment for the day.

    It is very important that you arrive on time to ensure you have enough time for a proper demonstration. If you are late for your delivery appointment, you must reschedule you're for a later time slot or day if no more time slots are available.
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  • What happens if I am not back by 10am?

    Our RVs are due back in by 10 am - no exceptions. If you are unable to return the RV by 10 am on your scheduled return date then you need to schedule an additional day (which is why we provide daily rates). This will allow you to return the vehicle anytime that day or you have until 10 am the next day to return the RV. We schedule vehicles to go back out the same day they return so we need RVs back with enough time to prepare for the next renter that is anxiously awaiting their RV vacation!

    Lessee's that return vehicles later than 10 am will occur a $50.00 per hour fee, so please plan accordingly.
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  • If I brought the RV back early will I get money back for the unused portion of the rental?

    Unfortunately, we do not give back rent for unused days so please plan accordingly. The only thing we give back is unused mileage that was prepaid.
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  • What happens if I am on the road with your RV and decide to keep the RV a few extra days?

    We schedule RVs to go out the same day they come back in so adding a few extra days is something that we can't always allow. We request that you contact us at least 2 days before your return date to inform us that you would like to keep the RV longer. If we can rearrange our schedule to accommodate your request then we will bill you for the additional days; however, if we can not rearrange our schedule you will be required to return the RV before 10 am on your scheduled return date.
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  • How much is due up front in order to reserve an RV?

    $1,000 - Reservations can be made over the phone since the only payments we accept (for all payments) are Visa, Master Card or American Express. Debit cards with a Visa/MC logo are also accepted.
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  • What happens if I have to cancel?

    If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled departure date the reservation deposit is forfeited; however, if you cancel before the 30 day period we hold your reservation deposit to be used again for 1 year from the date of cancellation.
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  • What happens if I have to reschedule my rental?

    You are allowed to change your dates one time without penalty; however, after the first change there will be a $30.00 fee assessed for every change thereafter so please ensure your dates are correct before making a reservation.
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  • How early should I reserve an RV?

    We start getting reservations for the summer and holidays starting in September of the previous year so the sooner the better. The longer you wait the higher the chances we won't have the model you want or even worse - we may have nothing left at all. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are sold out early in the season so if you are planning a trip near any of those holidays we suggest you make a reservation before May.
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  • Why can't I pick up at certain General RV Center locations?

    Only a select few General RV Center's have a rental department. The following stores have rental departments (Mt. Clemens and Wixom - MI). We are not licensed to rent RV from the other General RV Center locations, which is why you must pick up at a General RV Center Rentals LLC office.
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  • Do I have to have an appointment to come see the RVs?

    Although we do not require an appointment to view the RVs we do request that you call before coming to ensure the RV you wish to view is on the lot and someone will be available to assist you since we do have scheduled deliveries throughout the day.
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  • Do you rent travel trailers?

    We do not rent travel trailers or fold down campers (aka pop up's). We have made exceptions for long term rentals (home fires, floods, tornados); however, we do not rent travel trailers for everyday rentals. If you have experienced an event like a home fire and are in need of temporary housing please contact us at (888) 548-9098 and our management team will try to work with you and your homeowners insurance to make a travel trailer rental possible.
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  • Can I take a pet?

    Yes, you are allowed to bring a dog or cat; however, there is a $100 cleaning fee since some customers have severe allergies and require a pet free environment.
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  • Are you unit's non-smoking?

    Yes, all of our units are non-smoking. We go as far to impose a strict smoking fine if smoke is detected or evidence is left behind. If we find you have smoked in the RV you will be charged accordingly, up to and including your entire security deposit. If we have to do more than one smoke treatment the cleaning fees continue to climb so please NO SMOKING.
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  • Do I need a special license to drive a motorhome?

    You do not need to have a special license. The only thing we require is that you have a valid driver's license and are 25 or older. Proof of valid driver's license will be required upon pick up.
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  • What if I want to rent for one day in the off season?

    We do not allow one day rentals due to the amount of work that is involved in the preparation process. The least we will do in the off season is a 2 day rental; however, there is a $500 minimum rental rate that applies to all motorhomes.
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  • What does the RV come with?

    The RV is equipped with the typical things that are required for RV operation: Fresh water hose, waste hose, and an electrical adapter. We do not supply any: Linens, cookware, cleaning products, etc.
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  • Will someone show me how to use the RV?

    Every customer is required to go through a demonstration that typically takes about 45 minutes and is performed the day of pick up. Many lessees have brought a pen and pad of paper to jot notes down; since there is a lot of information you will want to know in order to have a stress free RV vacation.
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  • Will my auto insurance cover the rental?

    Every lessee has different policies and it is impossible for us to tell you the answer for this particular question. You are required (before picking up the RV) to contact your personal auto insurance company to verify if you will have coverage for a RENTAL RV. Even if you have coverage for rental cars you may not have coverage for a rental RV since an RV is a completely different classification.

    If your auto insurance company will cover the RV then all we will need is proof of your coverage faxed to us at least three days prior to the date of rental.

    If your auto insurance company will NOT cover the RV then we do have additional coverage options. First off, we offer a Supplemental Liability Insurance option that runs $15.00 per day. This is a million dollar umbrella policy that addresses liability needs and has no deductible! Secondly, we offer a Collision Damage Waiver, which can release you of damage beyond the first $1,500 of damage, but does not cover stationary objects. The Collision Damage Waiver runs an additional $19.95 per day.

    It is advised to know if you will have coverage before the reservation process starts.
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  • Do you allow one way rentals?

    We do not have any one way rentals. You must return the RV to the location you picked it up from.
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  • Can Canadian citizens rent a RV from you?

    Yes, Canadian citizens can rent from us; however, customs will not allow a Canadian citizen to cross back into Canada with our rental RV. You are allowed to pack up the vehicle at our location and leave a vehicle for the duration of your stay but must stay within the U.S.
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  • Can I leave a vehicle in your parking lot?

    Yes, we do allow you to leave a vehicle on our lot for the duration of your trip. We do require you to notify us the day of pick up so you can move your vehicle to the designated parking area.
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  • What do I need the generator for?

    While driving or staying at a camp ground that does not have electricity you will have to run the generator in order to power the following items: Roof top A/C unit, television, DVD player, microwave, and plug outlets.

    Your furnace, refrigerator/freezer, water, and interior lights will work with just the battery, assuming the battery is charged, which happens as you drive the vehicle or have the vehicle plugged in to an electric source.
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  • Are there any Military, AAA, or AARP discounts?

    At this point in time we do not offer any discounts.
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  • What is the expected MPG in a motorhome?

    Each motorhome is a bit different; however, a good estimate is that larger RVs will get 6 to 7 mpg and usually have a 75 gallon gas tank, and smaller RVs will get 8-9 mpg and have a 57 gallon gas tank.
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  • Does everyone have to be buckled in when driving?

    The same rules apply in motorhomes as they do in everyday vehicles. The same goes for car and booster seats - if they are required in your vehicle then they are required in the RV. Each RV has a different amount of seat belts so if this will be an issue for your group we urge you to contact one of our rental consultants to get the RV that'll work best for your group!
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  • Why are some companies rates lower than yours?

    Ever hear "you get what you pay for"? Well in the RV rental business this statement says it all. We offer you the newest rental vehicles that are regularly maintained and have many amenities the competition leaves out. Many competitors take off or charge extra for things such as televisions, DVD players, awnings, and generators. These things are all standard on our motorhomes. Also, many of our competitors are using older models (sometimes up to 10 years old) that have very high mileage and have been used by hundreds of people. We keep our fleet vehicles under 35,000 miles!

    "Too good to be true" also comes into play in the RV rental business. We disclose everything up front; however, there are competitors that hit you with hidden fees that were never discussed and can add hundreds to your end total. We allow you to bring the vehicle back the way you received it at no extra charge.

    * See "What do I have to do when returning the vehicle to avoid additional charges" for more explanation.
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  • What do I have to do when returning the vehicle to avoid additional charges?

    We allow you to bring the vehicle back the way we gave it to you. What does that mean? Well you receive the RV in the following condition: Interior clean, exterior clean, full gas tank, full propane tank, and empty waste tanks. You will be required to return the unit in the same condition and experience no additional fees associated with these items.
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  • Do you actually run the security deposit on the credit card or do you just put a temporary hold on the card?

    We actually run your card for the full amount at pick up so you will have to have the full amount (rental and security deposit) available on the card.
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  • How long does it take for the security deposit to be returned?

    We try to process the refunds as fast as we can; however, most rental offices only process refunds once a week. We have 7 business days to process your refund unless there is damage to the vehicle. Damaged vehicles will receive the refund once the repairs have been completed.
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  • Do the motorhomes have stabilization jacks?

    Our motorhomes are NOT equipped with stabilization jacks. Please plan accordingly when reserving campsites since you'll want to request a fairly level site.
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  • Can you use the water system in the RV during the winter?

    If your trip is between October 18th & March 14th, you must let us know within 3 days of your rental if you plan on using the water system so the RV can be un-winterized ($75.00 Fee). Un-winterization requires you to keep the vehicle heated at ALL TIMES, which is ineffective if outside temperature is close to freezing. If any damage is caused by freezing you are held responsible so if you can do without the water system it is highly recommended. To minimize liability – unwinterized RVs will not be filled with water between October 18th and March 14th.
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  • Do you allow towing?

    We do not at this time.
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