General RV Presents Cooking Chicken Stir Fry Demonstration

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Christina

Video Transcript

Rvs are great for camping and travel. One feature they all have is a galley. Unlike tent camping, you have access to a microwave, stove, and in some RV’s an oven. This previously enjoyed Winnebago Voyage 33V is equipped with a convection microwave and stovetop. Today we have Carly Goerky who will be demonstrating a quick and easy stir-fry recipe that you can make in your RV.

Today I have washed and cut up celery, white onion, red pepper, green pepper, broccoli, chicken breast, and I’ve also put a little bit of soy sauce and salt and pepper just to kind of give it some extra flavor and this is what I have prepared to get ready for our stir fry.

So after I cut up all of my vegetables and chicken im going to come over here and bring my pot and turn up the heater just to about medium; medium high, and then I will take a little bit of olive oil and ill put a little bit of that in just to get the chicken cooking. Make sure the olive oil is nice and even on the pot. Im going to go ahead and I’ll grab my chicken and I’ll put it in. Then I’ll get my spoon and ill move it around a little bit and that will cook for about 5 to 6 minutes. So as the chicken is cooking im going to go ahead and grab some of my vegetables and start putting those in there, and im just going to put them all in there. Then I’ll take my wooden spoon and ill stir it up; that’s why it’s called a stir fry. Just stir it around, turn up the heat a little bit and let that cook. Im also going to put a little bit of soy sauce in here just to give it a little bit more extra flavor, and some more pepper, and a little bit of extra salt. So it will take about another 5 to 10 minutes just for the vegetables to get a little bit softer and the chicken to cook up just nice. Alright, it’s looking about done. How I know its done is that if you cut open a piece of the chicken and the pink is all gone it means that the chicken is done. Once the vegetables have turned kind of like a rich color and they’re a little bit softer then it’s ready to serve.

This cooking demonstration was brought to you by General RV Center, thanks for watching!