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Hi I’m Bob McNamara with the Nancy Baidas insurance agency. We’ve partnered with General RV Centers for over 25 years to provide you with the best RV insurance available. Were one of the nation’s largest specialty agents and we’d be happy to find the company that works best for you. We work with 4 different companies here. Progressive and GMAC which are the nation’s largest insurance companies, Foremost whose a Michigan company that specializes in RV’s & motorcycles & snowmobiles, and National Interstate who was voted by Forbes magazine as the most trustworthy small company in America. We’re proud to be associated with these 4 companies and are sure 1 will be the right fit for you. So why should you choose a specialized RV policy as opposed to just adding the RV to your auto policy? Well an RV is a special vehicle and it requires special coverage. Just like you wouldn’t go to your family doctor for a toothache, you should go to a specialized RV policy for your RV coverage. So what’s so special about these policies? Well a lot of things actually, he biggest one is what’s known as total loss settlement. This means if your RV is totaled the insurance company will either provide you with a brand new RV free of charge or they will pay you back your original purchase price depending on the age of the RV at the time. Most car insurance companies will only pay you the current retail value at the time of the accident. Let me give you an example….

We had a customer who about 9 years ago paid around $80,000 for his RV. Well after 9 years and 100,000 miles when he totaled the RV out it was only worth about $10,000 but with our insurance company he received a check for the $80,000 that he paid for it. Had he gone with his auto insurance company he likely would have received a check for around $10,000, a difference of about $70,000.

RV specialized policies also cover personal property; things like tools or house wares or camping equipment. They also cover any add-ons to the RV such as satellite dishes or awnings or bike racks. If your pulling a utility trailer or cargo trailer behind the RV, well that’s covered also. So what happens if you’re in an accident and you can’t use your RV while you’re on vacation? Well with our companies they provide emergency coverage for things like hotel rooms or rental cars or even airfare back home. With an auto insurance company these are things you would pay for out of pocket. Our companies also offer 24/7 roadside assistance with no out of pocket expenses. Towing an RV can cost hundreds of dollars and most auto insurance companies will only cover the first $50-$100, you pay the rest. Our companies also cover changing flat tires or lockout service or battery jump and fuel delivery, all at no charge.

One of the best things about a specialized RV policy is the experience in handling claims. Each of our companies has claim adjusters who are specifically trained for RV’s. This means they know what to look for. Your RV is very different from an auto and if the person handling the claim is not experienced on working on an RV you can expect delays while the problems are worked out. With our RV trained adjusters you can expect to get your RV back quicker and for your process to go smoother.
Each of our companies has its own strengths and the coverage you purchase can vary slightly from company to company. Your policy is a contract so make sure to read it over carefully to ensure you have the coverage that you need. We here at the Nancy Baidas Agency along with General RV Center will be happy to help you find the best coverage for your RV. If you have any questions or would like a quote please give us a call at 248-349-3385 or visit us on the internet at Once again that phone number is 248-349-3385. This is Bob McNamara, thanks for watching.

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