General RV Makes 8 Year Old’s Dream Come True!

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Christina

birthday wish

General RV Center Orange Park, Florida receptionist Gen Oleas took it upon herself to help this family give 8 year old Gavin Brown a birthday he will never forget. Last week his family came in to the store to ask if it was possible to allow Gavin to look inside a couple of motorhomes because since he was a baby has had an unexplained fascination with motorhomes but has never been able to actually see one from the inside. Gen took the family and Gavin out to see some RVs and was able to make Gavin’s day.

Gen happened to find out that his 8th birthday was around the corner and approached the management team to ask if it would be possible to allow him to have a surprise party in a bus. After getting permission, Gen took the bull by the horns and championed the entire surprise party. Needless to say Gavin had a birthday that he will never forget!