Gas Costs Shrinking

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Christina

According to a recent article published in RV Business. gas prices are expected to remain lower than last years national average throughout the summer. According to the article ” gas prices should average approximately $3.50 per gallon throughout the summer.” This is approxoimately a reduction of 10 cents per gallon when compared to a year ago.

The article lists many reasons as to why gas prices are on the decline, and even goes as far as saying that in 2014 the decline in price is expected to be even more sharp. The expected 2014 average price is listed at “$3.39 per galon”.

With prices on the decline, it may be a great time to shop for a motorhome or a larger towable unit, like a 5th wheel that requires a bigger tow vehicle. Whatever your camping needs are, we are here for you at General RV.