Camper and RV Show Spring 2014: Featured Units

Video Transcript

Jeremiah: Jeremiah Grubert with Grand Design.
Christina: Alright can you tell me about the unit were in, tell me about Grand Design.
Jeremiah: You bet, this is the 379 front living room built by Grand Design. I’d say this is our #1selling floor plan. We built quality into this product so when you walk in here you can be awed by the finish, you can be awed by the storage space, and you can be awed by the counter top space or the living quarters. The front living room itself I mean it’s so residential its beautiful. What really awes the customers is when they take it out and it works as they expected it to work.

Norb: I’m Norb Hess and I’m with Coachmen Freedom Express.
Christina: Can you tell me a little bit about the unit were standing in front of.
Norb: Were in front of one of the most popular floor plans on the market right now in a lightweight trailer. It’s our 320 bunkhouse with the liberty edition and what It features is a triple slide and island kitchen. Separate bedroom in the back, separate private suite in the front, and then a center bath. Really great floor plan, massive storage inside and out. It will sleep about 9-10 people and its about 8,000 lbs so it’s still in that ½ ton towable range.

Mike: My name is Mike Savage and im with Thor Motor Coach. This is called the axis and we actually developed this unit for people who really are downsizing in the marketplace. It’s a nice compact vehicle that maneuvers very easily and gets good gas mileage and fits a lot of what those people are looking for now that are looking to downsize.
Christina: Is there really one thing that makes it stand out?
Mike: I think the design of it, it’s kind of got this new contemporary design for this kind of product. You notice the windows on this are frameless windows, the nice rake of the front cap, actually a nice low profile, it’s a little narrower than your conventional motor home as well so it’s a sleek very new aged look to it.

Christina: Can you tell me your name and the company you work for.
Paul: Paul Sirian with Open Range RV. This is our light LT308 bunkhouse model; It’s a travel trailer with 3 slides. Sleeps 8 people very comfortably. It’s got a nice big outside kitchen here and a lot of room inside, fantastic unit.
Christina: What’s your favorite part about this unit?
Paul: The inside, the floor plan-bit kitchen, it’s got 3 separate rooms. Big master bedroom with a queen sized bed, with a nice big bathroom. A huge kitchen and a big U-lounge which is fantastic and then a big bunk room in the back.

Adam: My name is O’dee and I work with Thor Motor Coach
Christina: Can you tell me about the unit that were standing in front of.
Adam: What we have behind us here is our brand new super city by four winds. It’s going to be a traditional Class C but it’s going to be super so it’s exactly what they say it is; super. Alright, it’s going to be on an f5 50 platform, it’s going to be a diesel coach therefore you will have more towing capacity ok, better fuel economy and it’s a stronger overall chastity itself. So definitely a good good thing, we introduced this about a year and a half ago in Louisville and since it came out we’ve had great tractions, its really gaining more concern in the marketplace and were excited about it.

Christina: Can you tell me your name and where you work
Adam: I’m Adam Christofferson and im with Winnebago industries. This is the all new 2014 Winnebago trend. It’s on the all new ram pro master chastity with the pen star v6 engine. It’s a playoff of the fiat dicato chastity over in Europe which is actually the #1 selling motor home chastity in the world with about 50,000 units produced per year. This is kind of unique because it is on a gas chastity which is very fuel efficient, its 3.6 liter gas engine I should say. It’s still going to get about 15-18 miles per gallon. It has good horse power with 280 horse power and 260 cubic pounds of tort. Very fuel efficient, compact unit, their only 24 feet for getting in, out, and around places but yet it has enough power and very nice styling and attractive to customers.

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