‘Becky’s B van Adventures’ is an exciting new way to experience van life

A still scene from one of Becky's B Van Adventures videos shows two women wearing rock climbing gear as they stand before a rock wall in a western United States desert. Behind them is a camper van acting as their mobile basecamp, complete with outdoor chairs and a table.
Becky goes rock climbing in Utah in an early episode of this YouTube series.

Have you ever wondered what van life is like? Do you want to see how capable Class B motorhomes actually are and maybe even buy a camper van some day? You’re in luck because we’ve brought in a real-life B van expert to show you. Becky’s B van Adventures is a new YouTube series that showcases the latest camper vans in the wild.

Your host for this series is Becky, a lifelong camper and a B van expert at General RV Center. She’ll be traveling across the country in pursuit of new outdoor adventures to show you just how far camper vans can take you!

Meet Becky, Host of Becky’s B Van Adventures and Camper Van Expert

Becky, the host of Becky's B Van Adventures, waves from the driver's seat of a Class B RV.
Becky waves from behind the wheel of a Class B RV.

Becky grew up camping with her parents, like a lot of people, and she has many fond memories of their family adventures. “We grew up very middle class. Both of my parents were hardworking and self-employed, but we never wanted for anything,” said Becky.

Camper vans became part of her DNA in the late 70s, when her dad bought their first van and converted it into a B van. It had shag carpet, windows, a bed and even a toilet. Becky and her family traveled frequently in this van until her grandfather sold his pop-up camper to her dad. “We thought that pop-up was luxury camping!”

But, despite the change in their accommodations, van life kept calling and in 1986 Becky’s father bought another camper van. “It had everything we needed – a bed, fridge, bathroom. And that’s how we traveled. Me, my parents, and my cousin who’s three months apart from me.” Together, they camped all over Michigan and a few out-of-state trips.

An aged photo of a man with a cigar sitting on a picnic bench with a camper van behind him. The camper van's doors are open revealing a bed in the back and curtains over the windows.
Becky’s dad with the van that he converted into a camper.

A B Van Expert Gets Back to Her Roots

After getting married and starting a family, Becky bought her first pop-up camper in 2016. The family made time for regular camping trips in northern Michigan with her two- and four-legged kids. But it just wasn’t the same experience.

“I’m all about van life. Camping in a campground means you’ve got to be okay with a bunch of people around at all times. I like the seclusion of camping off-the-grid. And you have to plan months and months in advance to get some campsites. I hate planning stuff, I’m spontaneous. Just jump in a van and you can go anywhere… whether that’s the grocery store or up north or somewhere else.”


Soon after Becky joined General RV, she found herself drawn back to camper vans and helping people who were looking for the perfect RV to experience van life. That was almost six years ago. Today, 80-90% of her customers are van people. “A lot of my calls are just me listening to them describe their modifications, how they’ve traveled, and where they’re going next. I’ve learned more from my customers than anyone else.”

As a lifelong fan of camper vans, Becky chose to host this series to educate others about the capabilities of these compact RVs. “I’ve been to so many RV shows where people say ‘I could never camp in there! It’s too small.’ I want to show people how you actually can travel or camp in a van,” explains Becky.

Learn about Camper Vans and Experience the Adventures alongside Becky

A Tiffin Cahaba Class B RV goes off road in snowy terrain in a scene captured during Becky's B Van Adventures. In the distance, mountain slopes are covered in snow and evergreen trees.
A Tiffin Cahaba Class B RV goes off road in snowy terrain.

“I’m hoping to educate more people and show them what van life is all about. There are so many people that don’t have a clue, and I’m hoping to broaden their horizons. Especially now because there are so many different options and floorplans than even were available a year ago.”

Becky emphasizes that the lifestyle you get with a B van is different than any other type of RV. “When you buy a camper van, you’re not going to be spending a lot of time in it. The van is just your passport to new adventures. You’re going to be outside, doing activities outdoors. You’re going to come back and take a nap or have a sandwich in the van, and then go back out again.”

Becky’s B Van Adventures takes viewers along as she travels across the country in various Class B RVs and tries several outdoor activities. Along the way, Becky stops to explain some of the features of each camper van. The series starts with skiing and rock climbing in Utah. Other episodes feature freshwater paddle boarding and fly fishing.

New videos of Becky’s adventures will be released each month throughout the year on General RV’s YouTube channel. Supplemental videos will be released between Becky’s adventures and cover topics like: how to start van life, what accessories you need for working from a camper van, and off-road power options. Follow our series to see just how versatile camper vans can be and how they can fit into your active lifestyle! Subscribe to the channel to be the first to know when new videos are streaming.

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