2016 Itasca Sunova 36Z Class A Motorhome by Winnebago Industries

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dan Crowder and I welcome you to General RV Center. General RV Center is the Nation’s largest family owned RV dealer.  We have 11 super centers in 5 different states. We have over 3,000 RV’s in stock and a multi-million dollar parts inventory. Today I would like to present to you this 2016 Class A Motorhome, it’s called a Sunova 36Z and it is manufactured by Winnebago Industries. So, let’s take a closer look at this Sunova Class A Motorhome.

First of all, this coach is built on a Ford chassis. The coach is powered by a Ford Triton V10 engine, that’s 362 horsepower, 457 pounds of torque. As you can see, the front hood lifts up so we have easy access to all of our fluids. Also, something very special at Winnebago Industries, our windshield is an automotive set windshield. It’s not just framed in like a lot of other manufacturers do, this is actually set just like an automotive windshield just like in our cars. Also, this coach has been painted with full body paint so we don’t have any vinyl graphics, or decals as you like to call them, on this coach. It’s all paint. Now because of that, what you can’t see on camera, we have a 3M masking across the front of the coach. It’s kind of a rubberized material; so if a car in front of you, or truck, throws up a rock, it’s going to hit the front of the coach and bounce off. It’s not going to chip or crack that full body paint we have on the front of the coach.

As we move to the patio side of the coach, I want to point out one more thing about this Ford chassis, it’s riding on 22.5” tires with aluminum wheels. Your standard class A motorhome has 19.5” tires and steel wheels. These are 22.5” tires with aluminum wheels that equates to a better ride. Also, this coach is equipped with a 3 camera vision system. We have a camera on the rear of the coach, and we have 2 side cameras which are located on these side view mirrors. As we approach the entrance door, this door – a unique feature from Winnebago Industries that nobody else does – is that, this door is cut out of the sidewall of this coach. So this door is insulated just like the rest of the coach. Also, Winnebago Industries has their own aluminum extrusion plant, so they extrude their own aluminum door, the strongest door in the industry. They also extrude all their baggage doors, these are aluminum baggage doors not fiberglass baggage doors. We have pass-through storage here. By the way, the total capacity of storage on this coach is 122 cu. ft. of storage. We have an outside entertainment center; we have a stereo, a DVD player, CD player and also a TV.

And as we move along, I would like to point out a very nice feature that is new for Winnebago in 2016. We have a new quick connect propane port, so with your gas grill – you can plug in your gas grill right into here and run your grill off your main propane tank. No need to bring those little canisters with you all the time. We have 2 awnings; we have a door awning and a patio awning in which I am standing under right now.  The door awning is a diesel feature that Winnebago added to their unleaded gas coach. And if it’s raining you can actually take the awning and tilt it at one end so all the rain water is going to come to one side and drip off so we don’t have a big waterfall going off the front of the awning.

On the back of this 2016 Sunova 36Z, we have a one-piece molded fiberglass back cap. On the cap we have a very sturdy ladder which is going to take us up to our 5” thick, one piece fiberglass roof. We can get up there with chairs and watch a Nascar© race or the fireworks. Also on the rear of the coach, we have a 5,000lb. tow hitch back here. We can pull a car, boat, trailer, whatever we’d like to pull. Also, for added safety, we have an LED brake light back here. And also, at the very top you can see the camera on the rear of our coach; which we’ll be able to see behind us on that monitor in the dash once we get inside and I’ll show you.

Ok, let’s get started on the driver’s side of the coach. Number one, 50 AMP power cord; the reason we have 50AMPs is so we can run both air conditioners at the same time. With the bath and half model, we have two dump stations. So this is where we dump our rear bath, the big bath in the back of the coach. It also has a black tank flush, as a matter of fact; both black tanks have a black tank flush. Back here also, we have an outside shower with hot and cold running water so we can rinse stuff off. We also have an auto-store switch here and an auto-level switch.

So we can bring all our jacks up as we’re getting ready to leave, so that all the jacks will be up by the time we get inside the coach. We can do that in 3 places: in the driver’s cockpit, by the entrance door and right here. This is our dump station for our half bath, that second half bath. This right here is our four house batteries, and the reason we have four house batteries is because we have a 2,000 watt inverter inside the coach. Which is going to allow us to watch the TV, do all kinds of 110V power stuff without being plugged in or running our generator. This again, is the other side of the pass-through storage. And right up here, is where our propane tank is located. This is a 74lb. propane tank, so we have a lot of propane gas onboard. Now, let’s go inside and look at this spacious, beautiful 2016 Winnebago Itasca Sunova 36Z. Follow me!

In our cab area, as you can see, our driver and our passenger seats are going to swivel around so that we’ll have two more chairs in our living room. The passenger seat has a foot rest on it, as you can see. In front of the passenger seat is a workstation, a computer workstation that you can pull out and use your computer while you’re going down the road. Now, above our passenger and driver seat there is a Hide-A-Loft. This is a powered Hide-A-Loft, you push a button a twin bed will come down so if you need additional sleeping you’re going to have this twin bed up above and a ladder attaches right there once the bed is down.

The bed is going to going to come down to the top of these chairs. Now, on our dash we have our touchscreen radio. Not only is it our touchscreen radio, it is our 3 camera vision system, is our CD player and it is also our DVD player. It is Bluetooth capable and it does have navigation on it also. Below our touchscreen radio and monitor, we have a couple buttons. One of the buttons is going to control your radio; there is another button down there that is called a coach heater. From Winnebago, what a coach heater is motoring. So on a cold day, if you want to heat the whole coach up, you’re going turn your coach heater on to either high or low.

It is going to take all the engine heat and blow it through all your heat ducts and heat this whole coach up. Not only is it heating your coach up, it’s going to give you instant hot water.  So when you want to stop somewhere and hop in the shower, you’re not going to have to wait for that water to get hot, it’s going to be hot right now. To the left of those switches, we have our electronic leveling pad and what that is, is all your basically have to do is turn that on, hit the auto level button and all four jacks on this coach will go down, stabilize the coach and you’re going to feel it tweak it a little bit and it’s automatically going to level the coach for you.

We have a power night time shade and a power day time shade or solar shade on that front windshield. You can see the nighttime shade down now. There is also a solar shade. Now you can bring both of them down, while you’re rolling down the road. They act as your sun visor too but when the engine is running, they’re going to default at about a 1/3 of the way down. You also have nice solar shades on the side windows and we also have power side view mirrors with heat and that switch is located just to the left of the driver’s seat. So that’s our cab area. Now let’s turn around and take a look at the living room and entertainment center.

First of all, I’d like to point out that the ceiling height in here is 6’8”. Also, it has a soft sided vinyl ceiling, that’s an extra half-inch of insulation in this, if you remember, 5” thick roof that we have.  Now over here, we have 6 storage cabinets, real deep, nice big storage cabinets obviously for storage. We have nice, 2 big windows over here. By the way, all the windows in this whole coach is going to have a solar shade for the day time and a solid white shade as you can see for the night time privacy. Now, just below this window is Winnebago’s rest easy sofa. This sofa has two sections to it, as you can see the foot rest comes out here. The foot rest will also come out on the other side of this sofa. Also, what you can do, two power buttons, each side of the coach can recline to whatever position you want. It will go completely flat into a queen sized bed.

That’s called Winnebago’s rest easy sofa. Now as we go across from the sofa, over here we have a 40” flat screen TV in a buffet counter. This TV will actually disappear down into the counter, so if you want to use this as a buffet you can put hors d’oeuvres, whatever you like, you’re going to have a lot more counter space and just below that counter we have a nice spot for remotes or to store things. Below that is our elegant fireplace, as you can see, with all the pretty lights in it and stuff, it’s very elegant. And then we have a wine rack to the left and right of this fireplace. We can store 3 bottles on this side, and 3 bottles on that side. So that’s a total of 6 bottles of wine or the liquid beverage of your choice. That’s our living room and entertainment center.

In our dining area, we have our booth dinette. Now this is not just another booth dinette, this is a special booth dinette. At Winnebago Industries, typically the seat cushion on a booth dinette is a piece of foam wrapped in fabric sitting on a piece of plywood. So to get to the storage underneath this seat, which it has and by the way, it also turns into a bed, you have to take the cushion off and then the piece of plywood. On Winnebago’s booth dinette, you simply remove the cushion, the seat bench is hinged so it opens up nice and easily. Also, by the way, this is an automotive seat. So you’ve got inner springs so that foams not going to collapse over time. Look how easy it is to get to your storage. Then, to turn it into a bed, all we have to do is take this, this is what we call a Dream Dinette, flip the switch, push down on the table so we’re not fighting to take that table off the wall and drop it down, we’re going to fill in with the cushions and it’s going to make a nice bed for us.

Now, within our galley, we have a residential refrigerator. These are new, before we had RV refrigerators which were gas or electric and a lot smaller. This is actually a strictly 110V refrigerator/freezer. Now, if you remember, I told you we have 4 house batteries and the reason we have those 4 house batteries is because we have a 2,000 watt inverter in here, which I mentioned earlier. That inverter is dedicated to this refrigerator to keep it cold going down the road and once we get to our campground or resort, we either plug in or start our generator; the refrigerator will automatically get its power from either of those two sources. Just to the right of the refrigerator/freezer, are 2 pantries with little pull out drawers, 2 pull out drawers in each pantry.

And just above the fridge we have a little storage up here. To the left of the refrigerator, we have our microwave/convection oven, again residential sized. It’s not your small RV refrigerator/freezer or microwave. This is residential sized microwave/convection oven. Just below that we have a 3 burner stove top and by the way, the microwave does have a fan to ventilate to the outside and to get all odors out. Just below our 3 burner stove, we have 7 drawers for storage, they’re all full extension drawers. This one is dedicated to silverware, already built in.

Then just to left of these drawers we have our sink, our 2 basin sinks stainless steel with a nice sprayer on our faucet that comes out and by the way, we do have sink covers here so we’re going to have a nice flush sink once we put the sink covers on. We have real big storage below the sink; this is a great spot for the garbage can. These counters, by the way, are Corian® counter tops and you can see, look at all this huge counter space we have right here and we have a nice window pointing right out to the patio side of this coach. Now, directly across from the galley, if you remember – I said this Sunova 36Z is a bath and a half model – this is our half bath right here. It’s got a toilet, sink, medicine cabinet and some nice storage. So that’s our half bath.

Located mid coach, not in the front, not in the back, is what we call Winnebago’s One Place. The reason they call this One Place is because these are all of the controls to the whole coach, right mid-coach. Not at one end or the other like a lot of other manufacturers. We control our power switches here, we control that powered Hide-A-Loft at the front of the coach right here, we can check all of our tank levels, battery levels. This is where we turn on our either gas or electric hot water heater and by the way, your water heater is a 10 gallon water heater. You turn your water pump on right here. This is where we start our generator, and by the way, this is auto-generator start. This is our 2,000 watt inverter control right here. This is our thermostat, just like at home. This is where we turn on our air conditioner. This is where we can fire up our furnace, the gas heat. Anyways, that’s One Place.

Now we’re in the master bedroom, this is a king sized bed. This is a full 70” by 80” king sized bed. We have nice cupboards above the bed. We have storage under the bed, huge storage under the bed. Directly across from the bed, we have 2 wardrobes, 6 drawers and a nice 32” flat screen TV. Now the bed is in a slide, remember this has 3 slides, the bed is out in this slide and this wardrobe is out too. That’s why there’s this huge room for changing clothes and stuff right here. Now follow me to that full bathroom at the rear of the coach.

I am standing in the full bath at the rear of the coach. We have 3 nice cupboards above our counter. We have a nice big countertop with a nice sink. We actually have a window in the bathroom. A lot of times in bathrooms, there’s no window, we actually have a window that will open up also. We have 3 more storage cupboards below the sink and a drawer. This is our toilet right here and by the way both this toilet and the toilet in the half bath are porcelain toilets, they are not plastic toilets. Winnebago does a nice touch, they put 2 towel bars up here, we have a towel ring and we also have a place for our toilet paper holder right here. This is a big shower, it’s huge, and it’s an all one piece shower. I’m 6’3” and look at all the room I have in here, I have elbow room. It’s just a huge shower with a very nice shower head. And you know what? That completes our presentation of the interior of this 2016 Sunova 36Z.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation of this 2016 Sunova 36Z Class A Motorhome manufactured by Winnebago Industries. We are General RV Center. We are the Nation’s largest family owned RV dealer. We have over 3,000 RV’s in stock. We also have a multi-million dollar parts inventory. So when you come in to one of our super centers, visit with one of our sales consultants and let them find the RV of your dreams. When you’re in there, also visit with our finance department and let them help you purchase the RV of your dreams. So for more information, give us a call at 888-436-7578 or visit our website at www.generalrv.com. I’m Dan Crowder with General RV Center. We’re family, serving families, we’re here for your traveling and family fun.