2016 Freedom Express Blast 271BL Toy Hauler Travel Trailer by Coachmen RV

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Video Transcript

Hi folks! David Raschke here from General RV Center, the Nation’s largest family owned RV Dealer with 11 locations in 5 different states, over 3,000 RV’s to choose from and a multi-million dollar parts inventory for all your RV needs and accessories. Today our spotlight shines on Coachmen’s Freedom Express 271BL Toy Hauler, the “Blast”. Come on, let’s get started!

The “Blast” offers an aerodynamic front profile with really cool looking graphics. Diamond plate front that takes the brunt of all your stone chips. You have a rack for two batteries. Two 20lb LP canisters onboard with auto-switchover, never run out of fuel. Of course, the power tongue jack that makes life so much easier getting this on and off your tow vehicle. But, most important, compared to other toy haulers, this one only weighs 5,800lbs. Pretty amazing. Let’s go check out the patio side of this coach.

The “Blast” offers a large pass-through storage for all your camping accessories. You’ll find an automatic awning, 3 step entry and of course, my favorite, the Helping Hand to assist you in getting in and out of this coach much easier. You’ll also find cable television input for the parks that do provide that service to you. As well as, 2 AC outlets, 2 exterior Marine Grade stereo speakers. But look at this, this is what’s called Radial Wide-Spread Axles. What this provides you with is the much more stable as your towing this vehicle as well as assisting when you’re completely set up for stability of course. But take a look at this, the construction of the “Blast”. This is what is called Azdel Composite which is 50% lighter, impervious to water and mold and it also provides 3 times the amount of insulation to keep this coach much cooler in the summer time. Let’s go take a look at the rear of this coach.

Now at the rear of this coach is this full walk on, crowned aluminum reinforced roof with rubber membrane. You’ll also find 2 ½” extension gutters – as always – keep the rain on the ground, not on the side of your coach. But most importantly is this, a spring loaded, very easy to open and close, ramp that will accommodate 3,000lbs. makes getting your toys in and out much easier. And don’t forget, courtesy lights for when you arrive at your campsite late at night. Let’s go check out the rest of this coach.

What you’ll find on this side of the coach is 4 stabilizer jacks, exhaust vents to let those gasoline fumes out from all your gasoline powered toys. Also is a heated underbelly, completely enclosed. Take a look at these aluminum wheels, pretty cool looking but most importantly, you never have to paint them.  You’ll also find an exterior shower, your city water connection, and look at this – onboard black tank flush. What that means to you: put a hose to it, turn the water on and there’s like a little sprinkler inside your black tank that removes the debris that might be stuck to it. And of course, your cable television hookup, and your 30 AMP service and over here you’ll find your fresh water fill up. Now are you ready for this? Let’s go inside and take a look at the interior on this “Blast”!

Welcome to the interior of Freedom Express’ Blast Toy Hauler. Conveniently located as you enter this coach, you’ll find your switches for all your lighting. You’ll find your power for your electric awning, stereo system with CD player, DVD player, Bluetooth technology and an auxiliary input, as well as cabinets up above, cabinet space below for all your storage needs. Let’s go take a look at the master bedroom.

The master bedroom features a large queen sized bed, plenty of storage in your wardrobes (one on each side) both with mirrored front.  You’ll find plenty of room in the cabinets up above. But I’d like to show you something that’s real cool – look at these reading lights. You’ve got a low blue dim for nice quiet time or you also have a bright light for when you feel like reading, that’s pretty cool! Take a look at this over here, this is your docking station. This is going to power all your electronic devices such as your cellphone, your iPad, even your laptop and don’t forget underneath this queen bed plenty of storage as well. Let’s go take a look at that master bathroom!

Check this out, look at these doors in a master bathroom, that is pretty cool, nothing to swing out, gives you additional room. Speaking of room, look at all the space you have in the cabinets, plus your vanity with a counter for additional space and a medicine cabinet. But this is pretty cool, look at that, an actual commode that you can flush with your foot. Now that’s pretty cool! Let’s go check out the galley on this coach.

What you’re going to find in the galley is your monitoring station that, of course, monitors your fresh water, grey water, black water and how much power is left in your battery. You’ll also find a double basin sink with nickel plated faucet, one piece solid construction counter top. You’ll find your oven, 3 burner range, hood range with light and vent of course. Microwave oven, your refrigerator with freezer but look around, there’s tons of storage in the cabinets up above as well as cabinets and drawers below. Now let’s go take a look at the most important aspect of this coach, the garage!

Our garage measure 10’ by 8’ and it features a 24” LED flatscreen TV with 4 interior speakers (2 located back here, 2 located in the master bedroom). We have 2 jack-knife sofas that turn into a large bed, we have an indoor and outdoor table for all your dining needs and above, check this out, is an electric track loft queen bed system. That alone is cool all by itself. Down here you’ll find 12 D-rings that are rated up to 500lbs each and our cargo carrying capacity on this coach is 3,000lbs. In the back you’re going to find a black curtain with zipper and 2 screens to ventilate when you feel like fresh air through your coach. And when it comes to camping, if you can take all your toys with you, that alone is a “Blast”! Well this is going to conclude the interior portion of our presentation.

Well I hope you enjoyed our presentation of Coachmen’s Freedom Express 271BL Toy Hauler the Blast. We are General RV Center, the nation’s largest family owned RV dealer with 11 locations in 5 states, over 3,000 RVs to choose from and a multi-million dollar parts inventory for all your RV needs and accessories. Stop in to any one of our locations or give us a call at 888-436-7578 or visit us on the web at www.generalrv.com. I’m David Raschke, thanks for watching and happy campin’!