2014 Fleetwood Discovery 40E Diesel Pusher Motorhome

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Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Dan Crowder and I welcome you to General RV center. General RV center is the nation’s largest family owned dealership. We have 10 superstores in 5 different states. We have over 25 hundred RVs in stock, just like this Discovery 40E diesel pusher manufactured by Fleetwood RV. Now, this diesel pusher has a 380 horsepower Cummins engine at the rear of the coach. Now, this engine is built on a freightliner chasse. Fleetwood takes this chasse and modifies it. They call it a power bridge chasse. Now, what this power bridge chasse does for you is gives you this tremendous storage underneath and all these storage bins are fiberglass lined. You can see this tremendous pass-through storage right here. You can put a ton of stuff in here.

Also, there’s a quick propane port right here so if you want to plug your grill in, you can do that and power that grill off of your main propane tank. We have outside entertainment, 32 inch flat screen Sony TV. We have a stereo that’s going to play DVDs and CDs. And above our entertainment center we have a power patio awning and we have a power door awning. Both of those awnings can be controlled through a little remote so you don’t have to go inside to push a button. As we move farther along the side of the coach you can see this pass-through storage. 

We have a little peg hook here that we can put some tools. We also have our fresh water fill which is right here. We have another storage compartment right here and as you can see this coach is equipped with central vac. We can change our bag right here.  On the driver’s side of this Discovery 40E diesel pusher, we have this massive full wall slide. In this compartment we have a power cord reel. No longer have to manually feed it in there, we just push a button and it’s going to roll up the cord itself. This is our utility bay, a couple highlights; outside shower, black tank flush, and also a water filter. I’d also like to point out this furnace. The reason I’m pointing it out is this coach is equipped with two furnaces.

On the front of this Discovery 40E diesel pusher by Fleetwood RV, we have LED daytime running lights. The whole front of the coach is also equipped with a 3M masking. It’s not going to allow the paint to chip because this is full body paint and we want to protect it. We have a generator drawer and our generator is a Cummins Onan 8000 watt diesel generator. This drawer is really strong. I can stand in it and wash my windshield. As you can see, I’m standing on the generator. 

Now, our roof is a one piece molded fiberglass roof. Also on the roof are 3 air conditioners. One of them is equipped with a heat pump. We also have an in motion satellite which allows us to watch direct TV or dish network while we’re rolling down the road. It also has a regular TV antenna which is a high def. digital TV antenna. Welcome to the inside of this gorgeous Discovery 40E diesel pusher motorhome by Fleetwood RV. Right up here we have our tank monitor system. This is our inverter. It is a magnum inverter. It is a 25 hundred watt pure sign wave inverter. What this is going to do is invert our 12 volt power into 110. This is going to run our residential refrigerator, our TVs and our outlets throughout the coach. This is our jack pad system. This is automatic. It’s going to automatically put down your jacks, stabilize the coach, and then level it. Directly above the dash, we have a Sony bravia TV. 

This is a 32 inch TV. Over here, we have a  Sony entertainment system. This is all HDMI wired throughout the coach. Now, you can see our two eats right here, our driver’s seat and our passenger seat. This is villa furniture. Both of these seats as you can see can swivel around and be 2 more chairs in your living room. They are both 6 way power. They have lumbar support. They are heated seats, and as you can see on the passenger seat, that is a power footrest. Right down here, we have a series of switches. What these switches are; we have a radio monitor here where I can run my radio either off of my coach battery or my chasse battery. I can also start my generator right here, and then I have two buttons for my motorized front window shades so I can have a solar shade or the nighttime shade all motorized. 

The two side shades are also solar and also privacy shades, but they are manual. Right here, I have a monitor. This is my 3 camera monitoring system. I have a camera on the rear of the coach, and I have two side cameras mounted on my side view mirrors. This is my touch screen radio. It is also my GPS navigation system. On the front dash, I have a series of gages. Two most important ones are my air pressure, my PSI, I can find out what kind of pressure I have in my 4 airbags. Don’t forget, a diesel motorhome has 4 airbags. They are 13 and 3 quarter inch airbags, so we can monitor that pressure in those airbags. This is my tilting and telescoping steering wheel. This is a smart wheel by freight liner. And what that means is that I can control my headlights, my bright lights, my windshield wipers, and also my cruise control all from the touch of my fingers. I have my transmission selector, and by the way this engine—this Cummins engine—is equipped with a 6 speed Elsin transmission. I have an auxiliary start button. 

What this auxiliary start button is going to do is allow me to jump start my engine if my chasse batteries were to go dead. It’s going to jump start it off of our house batteries. I also have an exhaust break. This exhaust break is going to help slow us down coming out of the mountains when I activate it, or it’s going to slow us down if we’re getting off of an exit on the expressway. I am standing in the middle of our living room dining room section of this Discover 40E. I’d like to point out the floor. This is a polished, porcelain ceramic tile floor. It is layed down on a floating floor, and the grout in-between the tiles are also flexible. Less chance of these tiles breaking while you’re going down the road. Starting off right here, we have this wonderful computer station. We can put our laptop on here. There’s a 1/10 plug right inside, we can keep it plugged in so it’s staying fully charged, and if we’re not using it, we just slide this in and it’s stored nicely. Corian countertops throughout this coach. All Corian countertops. We have this beautiful, big TV. And watch this… if we don’t want to watch TV anymore, and maybe we would like a window, I can drop this TV down and there’s our nicely finished window to allow more light or maybe a little cross ventilation in here. Just above the window and TV, we have our surround sound; our center channel, our left channel, our right channel, and our subwoofer is down below here and we have rear speakers across the way. This is a nicely lit wine and glass wrack. This table will pull out. We have two more folding chairs that look exactly like these chairs, so we can get 4 people around this table. Over here on the other side in our living section, this is our villa furniture. This is an L shaped couch. The couch has two foot rests on it, as you can see this foot rest out. Now, what this couch will do is I can collapse the L section, it’ll slide in underneath the corner section, what that allows us is to have our aisle way all the way back when all the slides are in, so we can move throughout the coach. In our galley, we have a pantry and what a nice pantry this is. We can store some can goods here on this side, or we can store can goods on this side and there’s deep shelves back in here to store more stuff. Very creative pantry we have here. This is our residential refrigerator. This is a side by side 22 cubic foot residential refrigerator. As we drift over this way to the actual countertop, once again notice the corian countertop. It also has recess cook top and a recess sink so when we put our sink and cook top covers on we’re going to have nice flush surfaces here on our countertop all the way through. We have a microwave slash convection oven just above that oven, and below our cook top we have a dishwasher. We have electric controls for our fantastic fan that’s up in our ceiling, so you don’t have to reach up into the ceiling to turn it on, we can turn it on right here. And of course we have a nice faucet that’s got a sprayer right on it. The Fleetwood Discovery 40E is equipped with a bath and a half. I am now standing in the half bath. This half bath is located mid coach in this 40 ft diesel. Now, as we move across the aisle way from the half bath, inside these levered cupboards is our washer dryer. Now, this is not a combo unit. This is a stacked washer dryer. We have our washer on the bottom, dryer on the top, all stored in this nice closet out of the way. In our master bedroom which is located near the rear of the coach, we have a nice wardrobe closet, we have a 32 inch flat screen TV, remember, Sony Bravia, and behind the TV we have more wardrobe space. Great spot to hang shirts and pants and things like that. And of course, this side is going to open up also to give us more storage over here, hanging space. As we move to this side of the coach in our master bedroom, we have a king size bed. There is storage under this bed, I can lift this bed up and we can store all kinds of stuff underneath it. We have also two speakers above the bed for music and entertainment back here. In our full bath we have a 3rd fantastic fan with the electronic controls on the wall again, we have a porcelain ceramic tile toilet with electronic flush, we have another wardrobe closet, and then we have a full shower. A one piece shower with the seat in it. I can sit down, or when I am showering, I’m 6’3”. Look how I can stand up in here. And our showerhead is adjustable for a shorter person also. We hope you enjoyed our presentation of this 2014 Discovery 40E diesel pusher manufactured by Fleetwood RV. We are General RV center. We are the nation’s largest family owned dealership. We have 10 supercenters in 5 different states. We have over 25 hundred RVs in stock. We have a multimillion dollar parts inventory. So come on in and see us and visit with one of our professional sales consultants and help them find the RV of your dreams. Maybe it’s this 2014 Discovery 40E. And while you’re in one of our supercenters, come and visit our business department and let them help you with your RV financing, your specialized RV insurance, or extended service contracts. So come in and see us, whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a first time RVer, come and see us. Or give us a call at 888-436-7578, or visit our website at www.generalrv.com. Or that phone number once again, 888-436-7578. I’m Dan Crowder for General RV. We’re family serving families. We’re here for your family and traveling fun.”