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Fleetwood RV is a leading manufacturer of Class A and Class C motorhomes. Fleetwood is headquartered in Decatur, Indiana, which is also home to the company’s manufacturing centers. Fleetwood motorhomes have one of the most long standing reputations in the RV industry when it comes to things like quality, and reliability. Fleetwood proudly manufacturers recognizable brands such as Discovery, Excursion, Expedition, Bounder, Storm, Tioga, and many more.

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Fleetwood Enterprises was originally founded in 1950 and specialized in manufactured home and recreational vehicles. Over time, the brand has become most iconic for its luxurious motor coaches sold all over the world. In 2007, Fleetwood was named as one of the top selling manufacturers in its market.

Based on data from IHS automotive, Polk Recreational Vehicles in Operation, Fleetwood RV has more motorhomes on the road than any other manufacturer. The company uses 21st century materials and techniques in the construction of their motorhomes. Among other innovations, the company uses innovative precision-welded aluminum interlocking frames in its coaches.

They use modern higher-strength materials in the manufacturing process ensuring that every Fleetwood RV can last a lifetime. Bus-style doors on many Fleetwood RV models are durable and provide for a premium appearance. There are no exposed seals which reduces the chance for moisture to gain access to the interior of the coach. The insulation on Fleetwood RVs is solid bead foam engineered meaning settling and air gaps are a thing of the past.

This innovation also helps to repel moisture from crucial structural components. Many models also feature dedicated, full-length A/C ducting that enables cool and consistent comfort throughout the RV. The entry doors on some models are radiused and cambered. This means they latch more securely and seal tighter.

That helps not only with moisture control but also with road noise. Fleetwood RV leads the industry with durable easy-clean storage. Compartments are rotocast molded, strong and easy to clean out. Some models even use Citadel corrugated composite panels.


The F is for Fleetwood and the 21 refers to the twenty-first century materials and techniques used to craft every Fleetwood RV. There are 21 proof-points shared among all Fleetwood product classes including entry-level gas models.

Fleetwood Motorhomes 21 Key Proof PointsFleetwood Discovery Motorhome
  1. True Bus-Style Cargo Doors: Fleetwood has replaced low-quality doors with exposed seals and hinges with a more durable design like the doors in a luxury motorcoach, far exceeding RV industry standards.
  2. Vacu-Bond Integrated: Vacuum-bonded assemblies combine twenty-first-century materials and construction for a true integrated wall that is better suited to withstand the pressures of continued travel. An adhesive bonding process applies up to 415,000 pounds of vacuum pressure to the welded-aluminum sidewall frame, bead-foam panel insulation, thick Tuff Coat fiberglass skin and inner wall materials for over 30 minutes, far exceeding industry standards.
  3. Axalta Full-Body: Paint Instead of the industry-standard gelcoat and vinyl, the Fleetwod standard offers full-painted exteriors--as on premium motorcoaches. Painted and clear-coated in a state-of-the-art facility, this finish has superior UV protection for finish longevity and higher resale value.
  4. Dedicated Full-Length, Metallic A/C Ducting: Instead of cut-out foam channels, the Fleetwod standard provides insulated A/C ducting running the length of the coach with carefully placed outlets for cool comfort throughout.
  5. Automatic Hydraulic Leveling Jacks: Industry standard electric leveling jacks are known to succumb to debris and water damage. That’s why reliable high-strength hydraulic jacks are used--to meet the Fleetwood standard.
  6. Hide-A-Loft Bed System: With a capacity that is hundreds of pounds above industry standard, Hide-A-Loft is better than “good enough.” Fleetwood has you resting on higher standards wit hreliable innovations.
  7. Radiused and Cambered Entry Door: The industry standard is to provide a flat door that can allow wind noise, so we use a higher-end solution that latches more securely and seals tighter.
  8. Raised Space Frame Foundation: Where other manufacturers set their floor on the frame, Fleetwood builds an elevated stand-off steel-welded frame with integrated framework, engineered for a stronger, more durable structure and true alignment that greatly expands basement storage. The Power Bridge can be found on Fleetwood Class A Diesel models, Power Platform on the Class A Gas and the Elevated Capacity Bridge can be found on Class C Models.
  9. Powerlock System (Interlocking Floors, Walls, Ceiling): Fleetwood’s interlocking aluminum extrusion wall-joint system intergrated floor, sidewall and roof assembly into one locking-together overall structure for long-term performance and durability.
  10. Care-Checks (QC LIne Checks): Taking cues from the automotive industry, Fleetwood enlists numerous quality inspectors in a CARE QC line. Each person is specialized in a specific discipline such as cabinets, doors or paint, instead of the industry standard, “one-person-checks-all” approach.
  11. Powerframes (Precision, Welded Aluminum Interlocking Frames): No “hammer-to-fit,” stick-and-frame construction here. We engineer and build our wall, floor and roof frames on jigs to precise tolerances, with strong, modern materials and techniques, joined with interlocking extrusions (PowerLock System) to fit precisely when mated with the steel-reinforced bridge structure.
  12. Flat Interior Ceiling: An arched aluminum frame roof and flat ceiling design creates a strong, durable structure that provides a full 5” of insulation at the roof peak--right where the A/C ducts run, to insulate them from heat and provide maximum cabin insulation.
  13. Tapered Slideout Box Tops and Debris Awnings: Some slideout boxes incorporate a tapered roofline that sheds water away from the body to provide an additional level of moisture protection in addition to multiple bead-seals and the debris awning protection.
  14. Rotocast Molded Storage Boxes: Instead of industry-standard plywood (or worse), these molded boxes are extremely durable, look great and can be washed out with a hose.
  15. Tuff-Pex Plumbing System: It is a complete system of flexible and durable Oetiker tubing, fittings and stainless steel rings, all with sub-zero ratings. With some extra thinking added in porduction we make it simpler to service by using red for hot and blue for cold.
  16. Seamless Beltline Trim: Elegantly sheds water and divides the sidewall and storage doors with an attractive and functional enhancement.
  17. Solid Bead-Foam Engineered Fit Insulation: Fleetwoods above-standard insulation material and process doesn’t allow settling or air gaps to form as with roll-type fiberglass used in industry-standard units.
  18. Tuff-Roof Low-Maintenance Roof System: The armor skin of the arched aluminum frame roof is extremely durable and long-lasting, yet easily repaired if damaged. Most Fleetwood models feature a lightweight and flexible TPO skin, with some offering a molded fiberglass skin; either option is low-maintenance and guaranteed for durability.
  19. Dry seal Edge Coating (Water-Wicking Wall Edge Coating): Applied to every perimeter edge of the walls and window openings, the coating seals out moisture to inhibit delamination, swelling and mold problems for long-lasting durability.
  20. Aluminum Extruded Slide Ramps: The industry standard is pine wood ramps that can absorb moisture, crack, distort and rot. The Fleetwood standard demands these be made of modern materials to stay straight and last for years of trouble-free operation.
  21. Five-Point Build System: Fleetwood uses a five-point build system in its manufacturing process to ensure greater durability. The system is comprised of an engineered, jig-built steel structure bridge; precision jig-built, welded aluminum framing; vacu-bounded walls; interlocking ceiling wall and floor joints; and durable weather-resistant materials and coatings.
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