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RVing 101 | RV Types & Tips

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Class A Diesel Motorhome

 Often referred to as a diesel pusher motorhome. The large diesel engine on this motorhome is located in the rear of the coach, which ads extra power to the RV when compared to its gas powered counterpart. Having the engine in the rear also adds to the quietness and smoothness of the ride. The diesel engine essentially pushes the motorhome down the road. Class A diesel motorhomes are great for long trips, and cross-country adventures. In many instances they are the perfect RV for the full-time RV’er. The diesel engine usually lasts longer and is more durable than the gas engine on other Class A’s. Diesel motorhomes are the epitome of luxury RVing.

Class A Gas Motorhome

Class A gas motorhomes are a popular option for full-time or long-term RV’ers. Class A’s offer many of the comforts of home including residential full-sized furniture, slide-outs for added space, often times a residential refrigerator, and even potentially a washer and dryer (depending on the RV). Class A motorhomes resemble a bus, with a vertical front windshield with large windows.

Class C Motorhome

These motorhomes are usually built on a truck chassis and attached to the cab portion.  Some manufacturers of Class C engines include Chevy, Ford, and Mercedes Benz. Class C RV’s have a distinctive “cab-over” profile that makes them easy to recognize. Many class C’s offer similar amenities to their class A counterparts, just on a smaller chassis. Class C Motorhomes are perfect for RVers of all types from families, to singles, to those that love remote exploring and camping.


 Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheels are the largest type of towable RV. They are pulled by large pick-up trucks with a special fifth wheel hitch. Fifth wheels have large living spaces, and are easy to tow given their size.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are quite possibly the most recognizable form of RV on the roads and in campgrounds today. The Travel Trailer is also known by many as the “camper.” It is designed to be towed by a bumper hitch or a frame hitch. Travel trailers were designed with all types of RVers in mind. Multiple floor plans and styles are available to suite your every need. Travel trailers are favorites amongst RVers who enjoy the freedom of having a vehicle to enjoy their destination and a complete home unit wherever they are.

Fold Downs

Fold Downs are also commonly known as a “camper trailer,” “pop-up,” or tent trailer. This form of RV is versatile, and perfect for the young family who is looking to enter the towable RV marketplace. Camper trailers have often been the constant fixture in family camping throughout the years. Many times “pop-ups” are the first trailer that an RV’er purchases. They are lightweight, which means they are towable by virtually every type of vehicle. These towable RV’s are available in a variety of lengths, and often are available with options such as refrigerators, hot water, air conditioning, and even bathrooms.

Truck Camper

Truck campers are in many ways the most versatile type of RV. These recreational vehicles are capable of going anywhere your pick-up truck would go. In fact they affix right to the back of a truck, over the truck bed. The truck camper has been around since the early 1950’s and innovations wheels usually have large ceiling heights and more slide-out rooms when throughout the years have made the interiors much larger and expansive than when they were first introduced.


Expandable RV’s are designed to be towed by mid-sized vehicles with a bumper or frame hitch. Expandables are in many ways a camper trailer with hard sides, as opposed to tent material sides. However, they do have expandable tent ends. Expandables are often the second RV in which entry-level buyers turn to after the “fold-down” camper. Expandable RV’s are often viewed as an upgrade to the camper trailer due to their durable side walls. Many expandables come with a kitchen, living space, bathroom, and even a slide out.


Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers are built to haul all and accommodate all of your toys. They are perfect for those RVers who want to hail snowmobiles, ATV’s, four wheelers, or even motorcycles. Toy hauler RV’s have a large cargo garage in the rear of the RV and are available in toy hauler, fifth wheel, or even motorhome styles.

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Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler

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Grand Design RV has done it again, and this time it’s not just a fifth wheel. We want to introduce you to the Momentum Toy Hauler. The Momentum is the latest in a line of state of the art RV’s produced by Grand Design RV. The newly launched RV company has also launched the Solitude and the Reflection fifth wheel this year. Not only does this RV have the look and luxury feel of a traditional fifth wheel, it also has the room for all of your ATVs, motorcycles, and other “toy” needs.

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Grand Design:Reflection 5th Wheel

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Grand Design RV is certainly making an impact on the RV industry in their first year of manufacturing towable RV’s. The first product that Grand Design rolled out during “show season” this past winter, was the Solitude fifth wheel. The Solitude is the epitomy of luxury, and competes with the best premium 5th wheels in the marketplace. However, Grand Design listened to the customer and understood the need for a more “Mid-Pro” moderately priced fifth wheel with added options that other manufacturers simply could not compete with. Hence, they are introducing the Reflection 5th Wheel!

The Grand Design Reflection was best described by the company in a recent newsletter; “After months of research and listening to customer reviews, we have taken the WOW features from the Solitude and incorporated them into the Reflection just on a much smaller scale.” “We wanted to build around the needs of the customer, not the needs of the company.”

The Reflection is almost 7 feet shorter than the 39′ Solitude, but offers many ofther similar standards and options. To view the standards and options on the Grand Design Reflection, click here. 

Visit for more information on this specific fifth wheel. You may also view the product here. Additionally, you can call 888-436-7578 if you have any further questions regarding this specific RV or floorplan. More details and photos will become available as these start to “roll onto” our lots. Have a great day!

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